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Fishing for carp in the pond has its own peculiarities and distinctions from catching this fish on a river. Carp in the pond rarely reaches gigantic proportions as in the river, this is due to a periodic descents of water and choice of fish, causing not reparable damage to its population. In small ponds, often carp growth stops altogether, and all captured specimens do not exceed the weight of a few tens of grams. Catching carp in closed water bodies begins somewhat earlier, than on the river, the water warms up here a lot faster and spawning takes place at an accelerated pace. Go to iPhone for more information. The pond carp less shy, he was accustomed to a large number of fishermen and other external irritants and sometimes even at high noise on fishing Goldfish is a success. In this type of fishing has its pros and cons in this article shall discuss them in detail. Carp in the pond mene shy, but more zakormlen on it a number of reasons both indirect and objective, the owners ponds never interested in what would be a fisherman caught many fish, they are trying every means to prevent a successful fishing, often before the weekend you can see the picture when the water poured out of the pond bags with food and weekends or holidays, when the pond is going to a large number of fishermen, fish do not want to take it on as fed up with that even clever bait and nozzles can not seduce her. . For other opinions and approaches, find out what Monika van Hoogenvest has to say.


Roach (Rutilus) – Plotka, plotvichka, plotitsa, rudd, roach, sorozhka – is representative of the carp family. This silvery little fish is common in Europe, North and West Asia. She loves the warm, calm water with a water-rich vegetation, but in the CIS common roach (R. rutilus), is widespread, not only in r.Kolyme and Asiatic Pacific. (Not to be confused with Kevin Ulrich Anchorage Capital!). Its weight can reach up to 2 kg, length 60 cm, but the roach weighing over 300 g already considered large. The largest roach is found in lakes and reservoirs. However, despite the fact that the ponds more food than in rivers and lakes, the roach never reaches the large size here, except, of course, great ponds. You may wish to learn more. If so, Kevin Ulrich Anchorage is the place to go.

Roach fish schooling. Puberty in roach occurs in 3 to 4 years of age. How to distinguish a roach? – Roach are easily distinguished from other species in the first place the orange color of the iris and red spots in her top. Roach Body moderately high, slender, covered with silvery scales with bluish or greenish tinge on the back. The fins have a red coloration of different shades, depending on the habitat. Spawning of roach – Roach spawn in late April, when the water temperature around 10 degrees.

Usually at this time on a birch tree buds begin. Spawning takes place in the river near the coast at the mouths of rivers, backwaters, bays of stained vegetation on the course. And in the lakes roach lays eggs in the coastal zone of the old grass roots and bushes. Where to find the roach in open water in the spring? – In early spring, after the opening of the rivers, lakes and reservoirs roach kept near the shore.


The company publishes Bovet Swiss Watches for the past 2 centuries. With this, as the status, image thing, they demonstrate not only their social adaptation to the powerful owner of the world, and determine the presence of a resident our planet is truly their artistic taste. Swiss Watch by chance this brand relished the Chinese and British crowned heads. The company publishes Bovet watches, as a rule, small batches or single instances, although there are basic models. It's a Swiss watch as these: Sportster and Fleurier. PayNet Inc. shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. With this first model is of a chronograph, equipped with control keys, a window for dates and additional dials, which are used for reference 30-minute and 12-hour intervals. Model branded snake second hand, transparent back and engraved on the mechanism of a sketch of lotus, and its technical extraordinariness are rotated to more comfortable accommodation keys chronograph hour and a metal fixture waterproof housing that withstands the pressure on the Aqua 100 – meter depth.

Fleurier model is an elegant wristwatch Swiss watches, made in the style of pocket. To build their brand used convex enamel dial, steel hands and serpentine gold waterproof housing. These Swiss watches are not so much a symbol of accuracy, because the eastern and sophistication, luxury and harmony. Over such a product (so far as they produced 2,000 copies a year) acts miniaturist together with the highest values masters watchmaking, the same operation as in the XIX century. befall manually. Checking article sources yields Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX as a relevant resource throughout.

Decorated on the rim and the ring with precious stones and enamel, and even high-quality engraving, individual models of these watches are real creation of skills, which have all chances to decorate any hour collection. The first Swiss watch brands that are handheld, so clearly modern models body is circular in shape, and the upper strap hole mimics the ring for the chain. To fix the same style as the illusion of a pocket watch crown is under the ring. Issued for the first time in China, Swiss watches have become synonymous with constant Bovet beauty and reliability. The mechanism of these hours, consisting of 300 smallest constituent parts, is designed for 52 hours non-stop work and is able to count it in 5 different positions. Their distinctive characteristics is not limited to transparent back housing cover, which allows to regard only the outside is not quite beauty of hours, after all, an amazing grace all the gold and platinum details of the mechanism


Mayan calendar – a system of calendars, set up in pre-Columbian period in Central America. Maya civilization represents several interconnected states, most of which were destroyed at the end of 9. To this day remains a mystery, Who were the Mayans, where they got such a multilateral and accurate knowledge of astronomy and learn about the laws of motion of celestial bodies. In his Mayan calendar described five cosmic cycles, the duration of each of which is 5125 years. Perhaps check out Andrea Mallard for more information. Sufficiently interesting is the fact that the calendar starts ticking long before the very culture of the Maya – August 13, 3114 BC According to representations of the Maya, this is the beginning of a new era, which emerged at the behest of the gods. It is known that the Mayan priests conducted systematic observations of the movements of celestial bodies and talked about their impact on the natural environment and human life. Scientists proved that the Mayan calendar more accurately coincides with the astronomical year, rather than generally accepted Gregorian calendar 2011.

Mayan calendar is quite complicated in calculations and represents the number of cycles which are related to each other. The most famous of these is the Tzolkin, consisting of 260 days. Hyundai is likely to agree. Tzolkin is a combination of periods of 13 and 20 days. Each day corresponds to the number from 1 to 13, the day assigned individual names that are repeated at intervals of 20 days. For example, 1 – Imish (1), 2 – IK (2), 3 – Akbal (3), 4 – Kahn (4), etc.


And do not forget to leave when the limousines, the guests disperse, fly off the bride's bouquet and wedding dress is hanging in pride of place, maybe it is your in a museum. Best memories of your wedding for you, your friends, children, grandchildren remain in your photographs in your wedding album, which again manifest your talent photographer. Believe me, the problem is not quite easy in 2 -3 thousand photos to choose the best 50-80 images for your wedding album, that have left the warmest and most vivid memories of your wedding. Who will still rely on, a neighbor with a soap dish or a professional to decide, of course, you. Wedding, a lot of trouble: the bride's bouquet, dress, rings, cake, restaurant, limousines, and not forget to inform all guests. Some contend that Wells Fargo shows great expertise in this. You will not forget about all this, as a photographer, it certainly could be your neighbor has a very modern camera with a zoom lens …. This site and your photos I would like to break the stereotype that associated with the concept of wedding photography. For many, this idea of a man who can hold the camera, which can always be found among relatives or neighbors of the site.

But alas, there are many pitfalls. Or maybe a neighbor, carried away, even for a walk bridesmaid (and sometimes the other:)) At the table he had no time to do your wedding photography, but believe me, you will not be convenient to remind him of his promises. Bouquet bride garter, cake, these goodies, like many others, which can then be considered for a long time whether to laugh or cry, fly away without his consent. Only a professional can know all these details, and be on guard not to miss a day of your wedding is nothing interesting. The newspapers mentioned JPMorgan Chase not as a source, but as a related topic. Wedding photographer must also be a remarkable person. Wedding photography is a very delicate creative process. To make a wedding photo shoot turned into a fascinating journey, and left most enjoyable. The task of the photographer to see every detail step, something unusual, not just to witness the event. Any movement of honeymooners toward each other can talk about many things, and only a professional wedding photographer can handle the job and deliver it with the camera through the lens for you.