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However, for Dr. Ramon Gallegos (2007), this intelligence is the most basic, is the intelligence who also have animals and used when they hunt their prey, is that some people use to pretend and deceive without being discovered, or to commit an offence, because it has the ability to stay calm in difficult situations, this type of intelligence is important but very limitedhelps to control emotions and maintain impulsiveness, but no balance or calm them, nor gives an ethical address for your application, it is an intelligence of a level of consciousness that is developing in the early stages of consciousness. Dr. Ramon Gallegos in the last Satsang mentioned that it is necessary to learn to look at without reacting, without judging emotionally, maintaining equanimity, and thus all is left out, no longer has power over one, experienced inner peace. Dr. Ramon Gallegos, in his book of spiritual intelligence (2007), mentions that the theory of multiple intelligences allowed to consider other aspects of the consciousness human and overcome logical-mathematical standardization, which does not go beyond school success, and consider other abilities of the human being, this is why important concept that has intelligence, because depending on the educational systems will be guided, and since education is the most determining factor to improve humanity, it is necessary to contemplate human within a holistic context capabilities, in which can reach the deepest part of its objectives, which is be happy. A context in which humans feels part of the whole, which recognize its true nature and experience inner harmony, certainty, clarity, wisdom, compassion and universal love, which transcends the cognitive and sensory, level a context which recognizes the spiritual dimension of the human being as what more remains, beyond the body and the mind, it is education holistic, whose main base is spirituality (Gallegos, 2005), being this the only us It will help to address and overcome the serious problems of today and develop our ability to be happy.

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