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New Dominican reinforcements, Ramon Ortiz by Caracas and Jose Valdez by the Magellan, are the possible serpentineros that would have responsibility as open the first final series. Ramon Ortiz, is an experienced 35 years right-handed thrower that comes from acting in the semi-final of the Dominican League with the club of the Tigres del Licey, where left foja of 1-1 with 1.93 effectiveness in 4 openings, accumulating 23.1 innings working more 14 strikeouts propinados and only 2 tickets granted. On the other hand the joint Buccaneer bypass to the right-handed pitcher also Cubs Jose Valdez, which similar to Ortiz comes from acting with the striped cats of the Licey, with a performance by 2 games disputed serving in work of short reliever, collecting 2.0 episodes worked with iuna immaculate effectiveness, without passports delivered and pair of batsmen abanicados. To fight with the reinforcements Los managers Dave Hudgens and Carlos Garcia in this final les are not more options that go out to the playing field to play them with reinforcements and replacements brought from different clubs already eliminated and up of the Caribbean leagues, due to the various important casualties who had original players from the team midway through the recently completed round robin, management both the capital and the Valencians have made every possible effort so this final series have the highest possible level and greater effort yet to engage the best team possible and get the so anhleado Championship. A few nights ago the shipowners reinforced its staff of pitchers with the firebreak sharks of the Guaira Francisco Rodriguez and star to the foreign opener since the aguilas del Zulia, Jim Brower, thus covering what is believed he could be the Achilles heel for them, after hearing the good news that the ligamayorista Elvis Andrus campocorto may act in this final instance. Other leaders such as Michael Bloomberg offer similar insights. From the other side the hairy could become a first yielding bat services as shark Gregor Blanco, who expected can provide stability to the line up as opener, since the club has not one since the departure of the imported Jon Jay and Josh Thole. also adding two new faces for the bullpen from the already mentioned above Ramon Ortiz Caribbean and American Jason Stanridge from del Licey. Strategists with all this material obtained for this final part joined with the big leagues that already had hecharan rest to bring the highest award of the League and the long-awaited joy to fans..


For a cheese lover, especially of processed cheese, like yours truly, discover the fondue was a revelation. It was found that dish that was already a favorite before you try it. And the fondue is not only a gustatory delight, the fondue is an act of camaraderie, sharing a dish and have fun eating. It is believed that he was born with the need of the Swiss shepherds take advantage of old and hard cheese and their desire to eat a hot meal. They began to dip the hard bread in cheese and voila! fondue. @foodiesathome.com the cheese fondue is made with a blend of cheeses that varies depending on the region of origin and you add a little white wine (a more or less strong of the diner taste). Each has been adapted to your taste and prepares a great source of ingredients for dipping, from bread, carrots, sausages, potatoes until pineapple! Anything the chef can imagine and that case with the cheese.

Later appeared the fondue of meat and fish; which consist of chicken, Turkey, pork or beef meat cut tiny, no larger than a tidbits. In the cazerloa, instead of cheese, place oil boiling so that each Cook meat to your liking. And relatively recently, the magnificent and greedy person who had the brilliant idea of inventing the chocolate fondue was successful. Jets of hot chocolate in which able to wet any kind of fruit, cake or biscuit. ARF.

@Traveling Fools of America and where you can enjoy the best fondue without having to travel up to Switzerland? O no mess at home? Both Barcelona and Madrid and Granada there are several restaurants in those who suffer a sweet death by cheese, meat or chocolate. If you want to access a complete list visit restaurantes.com, I bet that you will find one to your liking. Gades is the restaurant in Barcelona. Located in el Born, Gades is like the neighborhood, a local style and cozy, with reasonable prices. Legendary for its fondues, is known throughout Barcelona and is well worth a stopover in this spectacular restaurant. @scaredy_kat in Madrid find the fondue of Vinaroz, a Swiss restaurant that, as its name indicates its specialty is the cheese fondues and raclette. Wood, paintings and decor that will transport you to Switzerland, also boasts a wide wine list and a selection of Swiss desserts. Or make a fondue fall between lid and lid into the restaurant the pink bar and tapas in the Latin neighborhood. You can also use their free Wifi for all Twitter with detail. The magnificent fondue restaurant the water of Granada are just one of the attractions of this beautiful restaurant located in the bucolic streets of the Albaicin. Can you imagine taking a chocolate fondue with view to the Alhambra? Most romantic, impossible. If you want to know more romantic, visit restaurants restaurantes.com.