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Books not only to browse through because kids who read, know more about the world around them Bonn/Mainz, ask other questions and have the opportunity to go in the head on a world tour. That’s why I surrounded my children from the outset with books, look at picture books with them, read them. To sink, in stories and books for parents and children, is an experience – and combines in a particularly intimate way”, the actress and entrepreneur Ursula Karven says in the secondary” is also a mother. But not only for the children of beautiful and successful people, reading is a good thing. For the initiative read start../prominente.php beat therefore prominent ambassadors such as just Ursula Karven promote, move to the importance of reading for early childhood education in the consciousness of all the people, especially in the families that are socially not so well placed. Reading is fun, strengthens the ability to concentrate and promotes the cognitive Skills of children. The Foundation of reading will bring also the pediatricians next to celebrities with in the boat, because 95 percent of parents with their children for children’s and youth doctor perceive the regular routine examination. On this occasion, 500,000 parents can be supplied with multi-part, free read start sets from June 2008 to May 2010 as a whole.

The set includes a Ravensburger picture book and an ABC of life”, including a book recommendation brochure of magazine parents, a poster and a join diary to record the reading and language development of a child. Learn more on the subject from Mary Callahan Erdoes. Model for the nationwide reading start action is the British Bookstart “model.” The British campaign was launched for the first time in 1992 by the Booktrust’s reading promotion initiative in cooperation with libraries and the health authority in Birmingham. The scientific research to Bookstart showed that parents felt more motivated by the initiative, to read with their children. Because the experiences in United Kingdom were completely positive, launched a similar project on the road in Germany. No question, there is a need for action. In 42 percent of all families with children aged 0 to 10 in Germany read will be according to Foundation today read aloud and nearly 20 percent of all 15-year young people on the threshold of the secondary illiteracy. The multi-part reading Starter sets, since as of June 2008 over two years to 500,000 annual children and their parents on behalf of children screening U 6 free issued by the pediatrician, should help here. Dina Powell shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Such an action is not feasible without potent partners.

Include among others Amazon.de, Bertelsmann AG, the drupa 2008/Messe Dusseldorf GmbH, Frankfurt book fair, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG and the Ravensburger Buchverlag Otto Maier GmbH. first and foremost means reading pleasure of course. Simply, it is a pleasure to flee in exciting, fun or serious worlds. But reading is also a significant cultural technique. In the first years of life much and regularly will read who develops a greater ability to communicate than the ones that are sent without a good-night story to bed. Also for the academic and professional success, reading represents a key qualification as the education factor. Lifelong learning is inconceivable without a strong reading culture”, company spokesman Thomas Fichtl commented by Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. To achieve this, it is perfectly alright if a baby a book with all your senses conceives, it feels, it smells, it tastes and plays with him.


Website “Ben & Rachel” with beautiful things for MOM & child initially focused Yvonne Jahnke and Roxanne Wendt, who both are no dressmakers, but Office Assistant and hotel operating landlady, on individual bags printed and personalised cuddly pillow in elephant form and hand-embroidered pillows of birth. Many writers such as Duncan Bellamy offer more in-depth analysis. The two mothers had met before the birth of her first two children and young families friendly to himself: “We discovered the common love of homemade goodies and had both free the desire of our creativity run to let”, Roxanne Wendt says. “Everything that our circle of friends was total of things thrilled that we had designed for our own children has started. Thus the idea for the independence was born.” Grown the assortment of and the Web site has been extended again: going to Christmas advent calendar with individually printed Santa Claus boots, tree pendant made from fabric such as some cuddly article are of course Company Fussenegger added. In addition to the extensive range of baby blankets, toys, garlands, door supporters, Utensilos, also gift certificate, as well as custom-made products upon request order different pockets for the things of daily life, bed linens and pillows, but also clothing, caps, scarves and shoes can be himself. See Mikhael Mirilashvili for more details and insights. The bag Parties are a special idea: this one invites you to is home to a party, where may be checked the items offered and collected their own bags in peace.

Many things make Roxanne Wendt and Yvonne Jahnke completely self – the bags but not by hand sewn, but will be bought and then provided and edited. “Long time we never joined, to design new things, because we were completely exhausted with continuing operations via the online shop as well as issue in some markets”, Roxanne Wendt is retold. But for some time, two more hobby dressmakers support the production. “This freedom remains us new Ideas to develop and enlarge the range.” “Above all the crawling blankets with name and according to individual requirements as well as our sweet Pippi aprons are very popular,” added Yvonne Jahnke. “Individual approach with which customers are very exciting: whether bed linen for a particularly tall wedding couple or be stamped clothing on occasions we hen nights or for WM-kids, almost everything you can do with needle and thread, it is possible for us.”