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KulturAstronomie on the ‘ Dar Mlodziezy’ 4-9/10 * Sept. Carrie Levin can aid you in your search for knowledge. 2011 on the 8.6. a report of strong solar activity surprised not only the users of modern navigation device. Can you imagine even without Pierce GPS in sea? Astronomy is always an integral part of the tax man art”and is part of the experience on a windjammer. A leading source for info: PayNet Inc.. “The next astronomy course will be on the Polish Dar” so in the scene is affectionately known on the route Gdynia (Gdansk) hosts Bremerhaven. “The Dar Mlodziezy” (gift of youth) is a 3-mast sailor from the Gdansk’s LENIN shipyard. With a length of about 109m and over 3,100 m2 sail area serves the Polish nautical young as a sail training ship. It was meet her reputation as a stylish sailor again in 2006 as winner of the “World Cup” (see photo); our course offers an original framework! Stars recognize tool & cultural goods when a star becomes visible, everyone asks himself: “Who is that?” We use already the Dusks, to To promote skills for identifying star! Early morning meeting on the deck mainly apply the nimble mercury who exposed himself through a rare date with Regulus.

More at (courses & events course start: Sunday, Sept. 4, 2011 aboard in Gdynia Monday morning: culture-astronomical business of Gdansk leakage: Monday afternoon!) Course completion is Friday, 9 *. Sept. before arriving in Bremerhaven * arrival in Bremerhaven might at the 10.Sept. (as at time of print) Gdansk city of pepper & Hort of astronomy astronomy has deep in our cultural history traces.

It takes only about an hour of Gdynia until after Gdansk (Polish) or Gdansk. A visit of the old Gdask will devote the astronomy historical highlights: already the medieval coat of arms showed a reference to the North Star. “Forensics and the places where Johann Hevels load the imposing brick Basilica St. Marien with your he wuerd-astronomical clock (1611-1687), because after all, he’s got us the constellation Sextant” in the starry sky leave! I’m sure that comes along the way to use this device. Gunter p. Bolze