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When an analyst Gene Munster as talks about a subject as interesting as the future of the devices Apple, just enough is give rise to your words and appreciate what goes through your head taking into account his long experience in related with tracking the Apple company. And though there are those who say that Apple will launch three new devices in 2012: eliPhone 5, iPad 3 and a smaller iPad, Munster says what is totally different, forecasting that it will be only two products that will be marketed. The theory of this Piper Jaffray analyst, is that Apple will stay with the successor of iPad 2 and that he won’t bother to market selling another version of the famous tablet of the company. Instead Yes will be the successor of the second generation and a new iPhone model. Gene Munster says that there will be no 7.85 inch model in 2012. If you think, that Yes, if Apple added additional products to its range of tablets in 2013, the company could achieve an increase in benefits that place them 30% above expectations which have for 2012 with an only new iPad benefits. In recent months, Sotheby’s has been very successful. Pablo.R.