Norbert Babyy

“The project proceeded without major mishaps, accident free and also in the budget”, black noted satisfied also the acceptance for the geothermal energy in private households as well as for companies was extremely high. For even more opinions, read materials from Santie Botha. Target is now to provide the entire northern Unterfohring Geovol district heating soon with the other sections. Gluckauf for the next stages! “, wished the head of the municipality. Geovol – Managing Director Peter Lohr recalled the beginning of visible measures the major milestones of the was since mid-2008,”. Not only the courage of the municipality had been rewarded with the excellent results of the two holes 87 c hot thermal water with bulk of 75 litres per second, also the economic targets would be within reach.

In severe and long winter the first litmus test for the district heating supply had been passed easily 2009/2010. Thank you everyone, the have helped to make this project so successful”, as Lohr in his closing remarks, addressed to Mayor, Council, Board, customers and all stakeholders. Church blessings for the heart of the geothermal festive highlight of the event was the ecclesiastical blessings, the pastor of two parishes of Unterfohringer, granted to Dr. Markus Brunner and Oliver Englert, the Energy Center and the whole geothermal project. The progress to advance the people evolve to, but to also assume responsibility for the subsequent generations, so Pastor Brunner, deeply Christian thoughts, which are all carried out in a geothermal project. For him there was therefore no question, to connect its Church St. Valentin to geothermal energy; the Treaty of Geovol was signed just a few days ago. Pastor Oliver Englert saw the geothermal mainly as cause for wonder: wonder what all in God’s next Earth there, marveling at the spirit of research, who’s behind it, and amazed at how rich is our creation. “It’s good that people are concerned, how we can longer partake of the wealth of the Earth”. Both Pastor wanted the project, its central building, and especially the employees heavenly assistance: “Lord, bless this energy source and keep everyone who works here!” Dr. Norbert Babyy