Interactive Marketplace

The amount of the invoice always must be superior to 50. Imagespacemedia: It is a system of publicity, different from adsense completely. They of dynamic and attractive form select images of our Web to show announcements exceeds when the user puts the cursor on these selected images. The implementation is easy: To register itself. They assign a user to you of access to its account in 24 hours. To enter and to personalize the options of visualization of announcements and they provide the code to beat in the page. One is pleased to 60 or 90 days, to a minimum amount of 25$.

ADPV: It is an Interactive Marketplace de Publicidad. A tool online that facilitates the work of Advertisers, Agencies and Supports and maximizes the advertising yield of the campaigns and spaces. The payments will be able to be realised whenever a minimum has been generated to enter of 50 Euros, if it becomes through PayPal and of 100 Euros, if it becomes through banking transference. If this amount is not reached it will accumulate for the following month. Netfilia: The Web Netfilia is an affiliation platform, but always they have campaigns of clicks, depends the thematic one on your Web will give you more or less, the payments go up to around the 0.10 to 0.18 but not always you have campaigns.

can be received from 30, but the collection is something slow, being able to extend until the 50-60 days. CoGuam: 100% are Spanish and work of a form very similar to Adpv, you can choose your prices and your zones that you sell. As it divides refusal have to the small Webs enter less campaigns to them, the prices that pay are lower (cpc 0.08 and cpm 0.12) and mainly the great problem is that they pay from 100 and in 45-60 day, even so if you have spaces extra in your Web do not come bad.