America Friend

The citation of the pretty music of the Milton fits here, that is perpetual: ' ' Friend is thing pra if to keep Underneath of seven keys Inside of the heart Thus said the song that in America heard But who sang cried when seeing its friend to leave But who was, in the thought it flied With its I sing that the other remembered and who flied, in the thought was With the souvenir that the other sang Friend is thing pra if to keep In the left side of the Same chest that the time and in the distance says not Exactly forgetting the song that it matters is to hear the voice that comes of the heart Therefore is what to come, comes what I to come Any day, friend, I come back to find you Any day, friend, people goes if encontrar' ' (Milton Birth, ' ' Song of America Unencounter' ' , 1980). Funny. WDGMC understood the implications. Curiously, when it was in the half of the production of this text, the Homero, in email the same cited at the beginning of the text, in them sent this stretch of ' ' Dr. Jivago' ' , of the Boris Pasternak. For the fortuitous thematic coincidence, we cite the mentioned stretch. Namely: … ' ' Such had been the things that had provided to happiness and release in those days to them.

Spontaneous, acolhedor, instinctive and immediate an agreement mutual. To such it invaded it now understanding, a obscure and indistinct agreement of the death, one to be prepared to die, an adequacy capable to remove the abandonment feeling all its redor. She was as if it had lived twenty lives and, in them, lost Yurii innumerable times and possessed, in this manner, stored in the heart, these experiences. in such way that, now, everything what it makes and felt to the side of that coffin, the rejection in the accurate measure.