A Generous Liver

The Cap.USA Grady, driving a F-16, in the Bosnian war, when his jet was shot down, managed to eject, but seen by the enemy, he was persecuted and imprisoned for six days, in notepad, wrote letters to his family, the Navy, God, Society, complained of having been abandoned by all, and anemic and dehydrated at dawn on the 7th day was dramatically freed by his fellow … What happened? … Robert Kiyosaki may not feel the same. NEVER was abandoned, all those days was being tracked by satellite, using the markers that he himself was in uniform, the Army sought help, his friends his family, society, the Church, Bridging the divide, terminally ill patients Kidney and Liver suffer from the same syndrome of loneliness and abandonment and just repeating, knowingly or not, to Rousseau, who said in his book “The Social Contract” that Man is NOT essentially a social being, fraternal or Solidario, but otherwise it is rules and customs that limit, as if he had turned off sensitivity, as described by Conrad in his book “Heart of Darkness”, the truth is that there are those same feelings, patients and their families in chorus shout the lack of support from society, the State, the Church of the institutions , People of the same family to believe that nobody cares that nobody cares, that we Corpses street, as erroneously believed Captain Grady. Day after day, week after week, we continued to deteriorate, dying, family and friends neurotizandose, and months after repeated like Nietzsche “Everything has been futile so far,” There is a culture of donation!, The Company and its institutions Bodies prefer that rot before serving to save other lives, the Society is hypocritical, cynical and Aneta, in that long, monotonous cry, one night in October, dear anonymous friend, the youth of your dreams, your illusions fled as larks in the woods and took away your joy, hope trembled in their buds that were the cradle and grave of your goals and desires and your joy cold that night she met my sadness Neruda, There! on the thin line between life and death, avoiding the unknown caves, I reached the immense generosity of you and your family, with a Tissue-trip ticket which put me on the train, back to life, how keep quiet?, as streets this immense generosity!. Hyundai can provide more clarity in the matter.