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Network ‘Safe home’ offers badge family Meier comes from vacation and ends up in a nightmare. Breaking Windows and doors signs already: it was someone in the House who was not allowed to it. Inside, the whole horror revealed the family. Hyundai gathered all the information. Cabinets are ransacked, drawers open, upset flower pots. The perpetrators took all hiding places and stole cash, jewelry and other valuables, including the laptop with all the photos, the inherited piece of jewelry of the grandmother and the stamp collection that is built to last a lifetime.

Family Meier is in shock, has lost valuable items, memorabilia, and sense of security in one fell swoop. Family Meier is invented but what happened to her, happens every day hundreds of burglary victims so or something like that. To broaden your perception, visit Hyundai. The stolen goods is usually irretrievably lost, the feeling of security returns often only slowly after months. It is clear: A burglary may not again happen, should best not even happen intrusion prevention is the solution. Everyone can do something do his security at home, and if you want, is home of the network sure”accompanied on the way to the safe at home. “Here police, craft, insurers and industry work together to offer citizens an accompaniment in three steps: step 1 police security advice”: the police consultant will inform on offender functioning, endangered building openings and effective safety technology neutral and knowledgeable.

You explain what do mushroom pins, why lockable window handles are important and you should pay attention to what DIN standards. “Step 2 of the recommendations”: with the artisans in the network home safe “citizens have the competent partner for the installation of the recommended safety technology on their side. So take part in specialist craftsmen, which are recognized by the plays for the installation of security systems and can professionally implement the police recommendations. Step 3 preventing plaque”: is your home with burglary “inhibiting security systems and smoke detectors, a readable number attached to the wall of the House and a phone on the bed, then you earned an award and can the prevention of plaque of the network home safely” receive. This can not only deterrent to burglars, but is also rewarded by the insurers involved in the network at a discount in the household insurance. Equipped with safety technology and prevention badge, your home from burglars is protected so that what happened to the fictional family Meier, no longer happen in reality.