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For the class takes place in a virtual classroom under ideal conditions. the teacher must ensure that all reach before the basic requirements to participate in this course, publish and make known these requirements and how to achieve those not have them, ensuring equal access to course materials, providing different options to address the learning styles of students and their technological limitations, encourage communication and student participation in discussion forums, or alternative communication systems, mediate that communication made within the rules of etiquette and respect and consideration, respecting the times and dates posted on the class schedule, make changes to meet all students and maintain consistency in the way of communication, and offer as much as possible crucial extra session, before or during the course so that students have the opportunity to resolve technical problems related to the dictation of course prevents them from continuing, thus avoiding the class is distracted by conversations related to the technical part. Fortunately, the graduate program of Quality Management Area and productivity Faces graduate of the University of Carabobo, was the acceptance by the authorities to approve its operation and incorporated into this new learning in order to promote not only the development of program, but to share with all those professionals interested in this specialty throughout the country and internationally, creating this opening new linkages, exchanges of knowledge and research contributing to the university not only in Academic and social responsibility, without or business sectors, organizations interested in this specialty. His program has been initiated through the introductory course to pursue their subjects in virtual classrooms, where the contents are adapted not only the skills used in different stages of the world but are concentrated on the national reality through its programs designed so that motivate the participant to investigate, enter the national situation and make suggestions, proposals for solutions that serve not only the country, institutions in which they operate, but their own professional growth. Of course, commitment is more stringent than that demanded by the traditional method of classes, however, the results are good, depending on how you handle the facilitator and maintains active participation of the participants. In other writings, we will look at the achievements, benefits, barriers and other considerations to take into account to further their reach in favor of education .-.

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