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Rather about the difference in European and our traditions. In Europe and America now see nothing strange in the fact that a person is a male name was originally female name, and vice versa. In addition to names that immediately have two forms (type John and Joanna), often use the same form (Alice), and sometimes even the men called the female form (if male) and vice versa (for example, Jennifer Colwell – this guy). Type, liked the name – well in advance. Madame Jolie (or Mademoiselle, it seems to officially not married) has admitted that the name "Shiloh" for my daughter used because at one time so was almost named her brother (or rather, again, was called – but unofficially) is also very funny for me huge Afro – Americans in uniform by the name of ("Colin" – a virgin in the Celtic languages, Irish is the current example). to reply.

And especially the "name" Bacchanalia flourished in Spain (and Latin America). Filed under: Mary Callahan Erdoes. There just is not clever person to have at least 3-4 names. But in general happen and so much more. It’s believed that Dina Powell sees a great future in this idea. A couple of birth, the couple in honor of grandfathers-grandmothers, 2-3 just "lucky" hit or miss. Also, the name – "urging", one must somehow holler man. Here too the separation of the male – Women are sometimes purely formal.

"Maria" is now probably even more often in men – the Spaniards (and Latino) is found, than in women. In this case, however, in the European pagan traditions of the names of men and women differed very strongly. and until the 19 th century "gender" division names respected. And if for us, the Russian-speaking space, I'm no special mixing "sexual characteristics" has still not been watching. There are, of course, a few "bisexual" forms (such as Eugene / Eugene), but they are universally male form is far more prevalent. And the rest of the division remains quite strong, "the boys left the girls to the right." Of course not lzya miss a moment, and that the names of one cultures – one nation, may sound funny to other cultures – other people. For example the Russian name Simon – to Americans to Simon. And the name of Anton – will sound funny to the Japanese. Because, from the Japanese word 'An' – transferred to a cheap, 'Tone' – pork. Natasha for them – people ax. Be careful when choosing a name, and before leaving for another country to know your name sounds like to foreigners.


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