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In life you can follow many study possibilities, which will very likely be what you want to get and do in the future, since for studying a career or profession in specific, the more advisable is that the decision taken is not so much by an obligation or as by doing something, but that what you go to study is total pleasurethe taste for the study is born of the heart. According to the above, at the time of searching for any career to studying, ideally this will be akin to the personality and tastes of the person. If you are a person fond of nature, who is passionate with various natural processes that occur in the world, that studies and seeks to meet varied levels of life can occur in nature from molecular life until the great ecosystems, the best option is to study biology, since with this area of knowledgeYou can live to develop knowledge related to nature in all levels of manifestation. There are some people who believe that studying biology and the development of this profession, is live fully in nature living with beautiful animals, saving the world, but studying biology is much more than this, requires much more sacrifice, and much more breadth in their field of action, thus to study biology should be learning of all modes of development of life in nature. Speaking candidly virtus kar told us the story. So by studying biology must undergo molecular levels, among which you can find atoms, after this, studying biology is passed at the level of cells and compounds of cells that eventually result the conformation of bodies with all the characteristics typical of a human being or an animal, finally and after this whole process, populations, communities and ecosystems diverse were dealt with by studying biology in cruel them life is developed at all levels. As you can see when studying biology many fields must be treated, you wash them they are very extensive, so the study of biology, it would be very hard, since it should make use of long time to get to know in certain measured all manifestations of life that exist in the world. Therefore study biology meant obtaining many knowledge, obtained on the basis of the effort, constant study for a long time, to the extent that studying biology is absorbent. While studying biology can be somewhat difficult which means much sacrifice, this is vera offset when performing field work where the theory can interact with practice, work in group, you can interact with more people and thus forming working groups to enable to perform research. As it can be understood by studying biology is a great option where the thorough knowledge of life in the world, will bring so much satisfaction by obtaining knowledge, as difficult moments, where need much effort to be able to move forward studies.