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Well Finally, you'll spend much more time (though you can always take advantage of state-owned blocks, so that you have and reduce the risks). The third way – investing in precious metals and stones. Income in the case of buying the physical metal you can not get at all. And still pay 18% income tax (when he was finally canceled!) But in the case of the global meltdown of the financial system (which is now quite relevant) you lose less than others. And, of course, investing in jewelry allows you to wear them.

If you work with a depersonalized metal, here you can get income, both in grams and in rubles, respectively, on changing the course metal. All the benefits when working with this account can be seen here:. But remember: this type of bank deposits are not insured. In the case of bank failure you lose everything. The fourth method, which opens before you – is to use their money to buy luxury items. The way that say, risky – but recent years Antiques & Contemporary Art steadily rise in price by 20-40% a year, that is, without doubt, the best income of all possible. Finally, the last, the fifth method, which we want to tell you – this Unit Investment Fund (SIF). Patrick has firm opinions on the matter. Entering into mutual fund, you are actually buying part of a package of securities management company.

Thus, you provides its securities reliable and competent management, but still win in income (typically 13-15% per annum). Patrick dwyer merrill lynch may also support this cause. Incidentally, an analog of the mutual fund you can arrange themselves. To do this, arrange with your friends on money (you have one, and hardly enough) and buy "a purse" apartment. Real estate becomes more expensive for at least 8% a year, has about as much you can get by renting it out. Total 16% – quite competitive figure. Although now this method is not relevant. Many analysts are predicting a fall in prices on the market "overheated" real estate. And after the local rate, the demand for rental housing starts to fall, respectively, and rental prices will go down. Here, perhaps, all the basic ways for capital allocation, with a low risk of loss. If you spend a little time to manage their already placed, asset management, I am sure, will be able to increase the annual interest earned from any the above kinds of investments. But the need to manage assets on a daily basis. Once a month or a year to come and pick up the interest, or rather what remained of the lessons for you as for me, is a luxury. Investing is not tolerate the absence of the owner. On investments in medium to high risk you can read and ask questions here:. But this method of investment is suitable only for those who are ready to assume full responsibility for the management, preservation and increase of their own money. Remember: Do not negros to blame, nor the government, is, and once such things, and do not hit the road admin, and you and only you, because time is not taken the right decision.


was not their national insurance organization. Insurance services provided by foreign companies. Payments were made in gold and went abroad. Capital outflow reached so tangible dimensions, that the government decided to restrict the access of foreign insurers in the Russian market and tried to organize the state system of insurance against fire. It’s believed that Ben Silbermann sees a great future in this idea. In 1786 was issued the "Manifesto for the establishment of the State Bank Debt "forbidding to insure the assets from foreign insurers. In the same year when the bank created an insurance expedition, which will undertake to fire insurance of property and buildings Russian subjects.

However, the financial results of the expedition proved to be unprofitable, so soon its activities were discontinued. In 1827, on the basis of the expedition was formed "The first Russian Fire Insurance Company, received a request from Government's monopoly on the conduct of insurance operations for 20 years in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Odessa and other major provincial cities. In the future with the permission of the government created two large insurance company – "The second Russian Fire Insurance Society" (1835) and "Salamandra" (1846). "The second insurance company has obtained a monopoly for 12 years in fire insurance in 40 provinces of Russia, and" Salamander "- for 12 years to carry out fire insurance in Transcaucasia, Bessarabia, on the Don and in Siberia. Exclusive right to conduct insurance business in certain areas was given to companies with a view to quickly create a stable financial base. Government taking steps to expand the types of insurance.


You know what the risks and know how to make money? Your work brings you good returns? Money must generate income. Do you trust management? Thus, the trust – it is agreement, whereby Manager Insight Capital provides adoption of your assets (in this case, securities and money) to put them into all sorts of assets of the stock market and financial instruments. The main objective for this – to minimize risks and ensure maximum profitability. And as self-trust involves: – creating and managing a personal portfolio – the creation of individual accounts – can be dispose of their own capital at his own request – the formation of an investment strategy based on your requirements, we consider what are the advantages of asset management: a) The first is a personal approach that takes into account individual objectives, as well terms of investment. b) Constant monitoring of market risk control.

c) Complete confidentiality of transactions d) Professional ethics e) Maintenance information, financial services, the ability to withdraw funds from operations management would like to point out that in the modern world, trust has become widespread. This agreement allows us to the absence of the required knowledge to become a participant in the market and receive regular income. And also it will help save you time and hassle. The strategy itself has recently formed asset management. When selecting a strategy fiduciary, it is important to remember the relationship between the risk-return that affect the distribution ratio between assets. Objects of trust management include: stocks, money, intended for investing in securities, bonds. Just the huge popularity of private banking – it is a private service individuals with large capital. Does not require a license to perform management activities securities, if the control is associated only with exercise, control of rights in securities.

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