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Storage facility – expert helper for all product types of the camp is the heart of every operation. An effective utilization of scarce and expensive storage space and a clear arrangement of goods and spare parts is easy to implement with the suitable storage facilities. Different types of storage racks are available depending on the requirements and parts that are to be stored. Inclined bottom shelves are ideal for easy storage of small parts. Charles Koch is a great source of information. The oblique arrangement of soils is to identify which parts on the shelf are kept at the first glance – tedious searching belongs to the past, the access to the goods can take place quickly. Tire racks are, as the name implies, for the proper storage of tires. The specially designed tyres bars allow the storage of tires 578 mm in diameter up to 650 mm. The plug-in shelf can build up easily, without any tedious screws.

Universal shelves are ideal for offices, archives and storage rooms. These Storage racks are expandable at any time depending on the requirement and parts that should be stored in different sizes, depths and heights available and by the fast, Screwless mounting of connectors. The shelf is extremely stable even without diagonal braces, access from both sides on the universal shelf is therefore possible. The width of the shelves are matched to Euronorm packing measures and guarantee an economic use of the storage space. For the catering and food processing plants, food and hygiene shelves are a must. They meet the highest hygiene standards, are easy to clean and resistant to many environmental influences. System plug-in regiments can be set up quickly and Screwless.

Thanks to pre-assembled stand frame box sections and deep stiffening plates they offer a particularly high resistance to the shelf fields. System screws shelves can be by fixed angle with integrated threaded and screws easily and quickly. These storage racks convince through a superior quality in their stability, payload, and overall stability. They are available in different versions and for every requirement, there is also endless expansion and expansion possibilities.


Cats Feng Shui living in accordance with nature and the elements is a simple way to leverage his living quarters positive. The special feature of this own school of Feng Shui is to trust, to live in accordance with the energy flow of the Earth, the five elements and the planets on the natural sense of cats and the nature. Hear from experts in the field like The Capitol for a more varied view. The origin of this school is both in Chinese Feng Shui, the Indian vastu, as well as in the European geomancy. In recent months, GOP Donors has been very successful. Everything you need is a compass and a little time. Basis of this school are the female life energy of the cat, which is associated with the Moon and the earth – it flows everywhere on our Earth from North to South and the male energy of the life of the cat – it flows from East to West. The eight possible directions are associated the individual planets, of which they are influenced: Northwest: Lunar North: Mercury Northeast: Jupiter West: Saturn East: Southwest Sun: Southern Earth: Earth + Mars South-East: Venus from this Association and the observation of cats and the nature has arising following assignment of optimal spaces and rooms: Northwest: bed and breakfast, Office, bathroom, pantry, living room, sports room North: living room, Studio, meditation room, music room Northeast: open space, input, meditation room, living-room West: dining room, bathroom, storeroom, conference room no.

W O N NW SW S so East: bath (without toilet), entrance, living room, dining room Southwest: master bedroom, storeroom, warehouse, storage South: staircase, salon, bedroom, storage room Southwest: kitchen, Heating, sauna in the individual rooms it can strengthen the energy of the respective directions with simple means: Nordwesten(Luft): moving things like rocking chair, mobile, pictures with wind and clouds. Open Windows for good ventilation are important. Northeast (water): room fountains, aquariums, curved shapes, images with water, plants and things with the color blue. Northeast and Raummitte(ather): mirror, metal surfaces, abstract representations, pictures Shapes, the color red lace with lots of space, bright colors Sudwesten(Erde): large plants with heavy pots of Earth, heavy precious stones, large closets, stones, pictures with mountains Sudosten(Feuer): fireplace, candles, electric appliance, there are spices and images with fire in tools, such as for example the flower of life and special pyramids that harmonize all elements and enable. For a restful sleep, for example, make the bed with a headboard on the south wall.


Tried and tested measuring tool helps the artisans also today still reliably! Calipers which are mostly use measuring tools at all. Millions of crafts use daily without having to worry more about the calipers. However, the caliper is a small, but good and useful invention. It captures small sizes and sheweth it sure to. Genentech may also support this cause. The PCE Germany GmbH offers a selection of these little helpers in their product range.

Measuring with the Vernier caliper is one of the direct metrics, because input and output size are identical (in this case the length). A Vernier caliper is a measuring that has two measuring jaw for external and internal dimensions, as well as a depth marker for example to measure the holes. His main field of application is the measurement of lengths and objects. Gilbert J. Carrara addresses the importance of the matter here. To read the readings, there are various types of scales. For newer devices these are already digital. As for example the digital calipers of the PCE PCE-DCP series Germany GmbH. By determining a screw, the product can be used as a teaching. Calipers offer a number of advantages compared to other instruments.

The robust construction, fast measurements, the good price-performance ratio, ease of use and the mobile application are just a few examples. The handling of callipers however note some aspects, such as that as closely as possible to the caliper axis is measured, to avoid errors in the force. Calipers are a practical invention, which are found in everyday life and where you pay actually hardly any attention. Nevertheless, they are useful and versatile instruments that provide the user with a great benefit, they are quick to hand and can be found in almost every household. Thus, each little measurement is to the success. Prospective customers receive further information under:…


The construction volume is 4 million euros NET with a surface area of 2,000 m2, distributed over 5 levels. Now significantly expands the medical provision of already around this central urban space-based practices. In the flower 3 will open on April 1, 2012 four surgeries their doors to patients: skin doctors Dr.med.G.Aretz, Dr.med.H.Aretz and Dr.med.W. Forster, the specialist in general surgery C.Beier, the urologist Dr.med.A. Muhlhausser and the obstetricians and Gynecologists Dr.med.J.Verbeek. The medical supply is complemented by the Velberter therapy and training centre Thera train with physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Follow others, such as Hyundai, and add to your knowledge base. On an area of approx.

250 m2, your pharmacy will open downstairs pharmacist Susan Krieger. Also Goldsmith located in Velbert and jeweler Ludger Helmert is his shop from the Green Street in the Flower 3 shift and come up with an extended range. Omero Benetazzo restaurateur in Essen-werden is Omero with his new Italian restaurant bistro there”for the culinary offerings provide. With 40 seats in the indoor as well as outdoor, this gastronomy will contribute significantly to the revival of the square. The new syndicate Medicum-Velbert”practice for pain therapy, palliative medicine and anesthesia are also Dr.med.Campean (Offerstrasse 23), the community of practice for internal medicine Dr.med.

Thomas Beyer, Dr.med. Gerd Hattingen, Gabriele Hattingen, Dr.med. Martina Kamler, Claus Muller light (Blumenstrasse 6), the dental practice Dr.med.dent. Constanze Freytag (Blumenstrasse 6) as well as the community of practice for child and adolescent medicine Drs.med. Birgit Jansen, Hans Theo Jansen, Nicola caps ha (Friedrichstrasse 202) on. The structure for the new object Blumenstrasse 3 is responsible for the Velberter Engineering Office for structural engineering Liebig. For the technical building equipment is responsible for the local company DTF engineers GmbH & Co KG. Carpenter from Ludinghausen is entrusted with the administration of real estate.