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Is natural cosmetics actually better for everyone? Again and again you read lately about silicones and parabens, which are contained in many cosmetic products. Maybe that’s why more and more women opt for natural cosmetics, because they assume that it is basically friendly and healthier. Unfortunately you can not generalize that, because every woman has a different skin type with individual sensitivity. Usually, natural cosmetics is friendly, since in the manufacture of artificial additives such as colorants or preservatives is dispensed with. If one takes into account that people can respond to each plant with an intolerance, we also know that natural cosmetics can not be the optimum for every woman. Certainly there are on natural cosmetics of less intolerance reactions, but they are also here cannot be ruled out. So, each woman herself must try what she cope better, than what one is thrilled, with the other axe and cause itching. Women the basically allergies tend to better cope even with conventional cosmetics.

It is always a tricky business if you are looking for a new product. It is no matter whether one tends to the natural cosmetics or the traditional cosmetics. It is always important to test a product in advance, because after all, the modern cosmetics is not exactly cheap. It would be so bad, if you buy expensive a product, and there are incompatibilities within a very short time. In good perfumeries getting samples, so that the products can be tested in advance. You shouldn’t never influenced by a friend, who is very enthusiastic about a particular product.

Each skin reacts differently, and each has different needs and weaknesses, so that one his favorite product, that is man fully satisfied, must find itself. Also in the field of natural cosmetics, there have been great changes in the past few years. Many manufacturers rely fully on the organic and certified their products to the users a maximum safety to give. Some women use but rigorously on the conventional products, because they could not imagine, that herbal cosmetics with the innovative active ingredients can withstand. But also in the field of natural cosmetics research does not stand still, and discovered new plant active ingredients that do not necessarily need to be after the chemically produced. Women need to find out just what you feel more comfortable, and what best gets their skin. Jorg Hall


Birgit Neumeyer from Tuttlingen informs the hands of every person are unique and therefore deserve special attention. They belong to a manicured look of a woman just as of course do this like a nice outfit, makeup and a great hairstyle nowadays. But not every woman is anxious by nature with beautiful, firm fingernails. Cracked, shattered or cracked nails are a nightmare for most. There are ways that ensure a neat and perfect nail, in different variants. How to get beautiful nails with French Manicure, nail salon nail & beauty explained aunt from Tuttlingen. Seduction in French of French nails are timeless and are outfitted with their naturalness. Whether in the Office, at home or at a dinner party, fit for any occasion.

It is therefore the French Manicure of the classics under the nail embellishment techniques. Step by step to the classic beauty of the implementation of a French manicure requires thorough preparation Nails. First, they must be filed in a form appropriate to the nail bed. Unevenness or rough nail surfaces are then smoothed with a polishing file. A cleaning of the nails is followed by the filing and polishing. A clear base coat creating basis, which helps existing grooves and unevenness, also protects the nail before each painting. Only when angry and thoroughly is dry the Polish on the nail, manicure can begin. There are different variations for the typical French manicure look.

The nail tips in the form of a white Crescent are painted in the classic version. So that it looks perfect, templates help or the nail tips are painted with a nail whitening pen. The final followed by the white of the tips the final painting. According to the personal taste and taking into account the natural skin tone of the paint is applied. The color palette ranges from colorless cream up to rose tones.


Dark circles – problems, causes, and treatment the skin around the eyes of the man is very thin and has only a weak subcutaneous fatty tissue. Therefore, running operations show up under the skin first to the eye region. Especially the blood circulation and the composition of the blood can indicate around colour is in certain individuals to the eye, because the blood vessels through the skin through shimmer. One of the most sensitive areas of the body retaliates with dark circles. Reasons for this can be lack of exercise or stress. Sometimes it lacks the tissue of oxygen and the skin looks tired and powerless. The result: deep dark circles. Byron Allen usually is spot on. Lack of oxygen occurs for example after too little sleep or stay in poorly ventilated rooms.

The eyes are surrounded daily by dark edges is probably in the genes. The blood vessels are then so close under the extremely thin skin of the eyelids, that one perceives it as bluish-Brown shade. Occur under eye circles without apparent reason, a doctor should be consulted. The cause is usually for dark circles fatigue. You can however also caused a hangover or long sitting in front of a screen.

Chronic dark circles resulting inter alia from allergies, malnutrition, iron-deficiency, environmental toxins, a conjunctivitis, various syndromes and often prolonged alcohol or drug use. After prolonged alcohol or drug use, it may take weeks to months, until the dark circles disappear completely. Some tricks against puffiness and dark edges around the eyes: Neither too little, too much sleep the body seem to sleep on a higher pillow, and with the window open to make you your food and sports behavior to daily min. no hearty drink three litres of still mineral water, grease the dishes in the evenings to take cooling eye gels if it must go fast, you can or creams specifically decongestant effect for the man and diminish dark circles who has more time, filled cool glasses or cotton pads soaked with eye lotion lays down for ten minutes with gel on the Eyes closed and still damp tea bag made of black or green tea help the effect strengthened, if gel, cream, cool glasses, tea bags or the lotion before use in the freezer. Olive oil daily to take three small grated carrots with 2 drops of household tip. The carrots have to be really quite small grated. Here, the beta carotene comes right from the carrot. It may take up to half a year until a change. A try worth. Last but not least because female and male users speak of true effect miracles.


What woman doesn’t dream of seductive long eyelashes, an eyelashes which turned the head of all men, tips for the eyelash extensions and eyelash compression with false eyelashes or Wachstumsfluid but also from the admiring views of other women? I would like to demonstrate the best practices here, with which you can fulfill the dream of long, thick lashes. Started to have 5000 years ago the ancient Egyptians, which with various tricks the eyes using coal dust and fatty substances (E.g.: Kajal) have spread to highlight even more so their beauty. These methods have been constantly improved over the course of thousands of years. An eyelash extensions for women is now available and affordable. Types of Eyelash Extensions 1 false lashes in one piece stick 2. false eyelashes in individual strands of glue 3. Eyelash extensions by Wachstumsfluid 1 false lashes in one piece stick that is the classical method, as we already from the 60s years of know our mothers. On small strips of more or less long and many hairs are attached, which are fixed with a skin-friendly adhesive substance.

These were at night taken down again by the ladies and tucked in the box until the next use. Advantage of this method: cheap and easy to use, virtually every woman is able to apply this to himself. “Price: 3,-until 10,-drawback of this method: as it is known from many films, these things tend to get through tears or wild dancing independently” to make. Also the comfort is not just satisfying and they are not suitable for women with sensitive eyes. “2. False eyelashes into individual strands stick to this method is only for a few years on the market and had a short and very intense hype”. The effect is absolutely great, but very time – and costly. In this method, individual highlights using a keratin glue on the existing lashes are glued with tweezers and magnifying glass.

Time depending on the quality 1-2 Hours. The eyelashes must be patched every 4 weeks again and after resealing. Advantage of the method: the effect is to see immediately after the treatment and keep up to 4 weeks (depending on the strength of own eyelashes). Price: between 100,-and 200,-for 4 weeks drawback of the method: you can extend the own hair by 50% maximum, this is only an approximate rule. The load-bearing capacity of the own hair is crucial, if this is not sufficient, then assume the glued-together with the own hairs. If you’re unlucky, almost the whole eyelashes can be for a short time away, they grow back again, but then only a consolation. 3. Eyelash extensions by Wachstumsfluid this method is very new and very promising also for the entire hair crested. Highly active prostaglandins promotes the hair at the root and without unwanted side effects. An abundance of vitamins, bio-Petide, flowers and fruit extracts still complete the effect. This fluid is using a small brush to remove the Daily applied eye makeup on the eyelid. Also for the eyebrows, you can use the fluid. Within 2-3 months the eyelashes to about 50-75%, and density of sprout and volume increase. If you stop it, the effect diminishes after some time and settles up to normal size again. Advantage of the method: for every woman easily applicable and without risk. In this method, there is no risk of losing the eyelashes. Disadvantage of the method: who wants beautiful lashes quickly for an evening, must be first 8 weeks wait. Price: 70,-to 120,-for 3 months


There is an oasis of peace and relaxation in the middle of the City bad Boll/eckwalden, Germany, 17.05.2010/ib for all those who relax in the bustling Paris and want to indulge, a place of rest. His name: La Maison Dr.Hauschka. In the small spa can be with the variety of Dr.Hauschka cosmetic treatments comfortable going there. You may want to visit Microsoft Cloud to increase your knowledge. La Maison Dr.Hauschka is located in the heart of Paris, in the Rue de Charonne 39, in the 11th arrondissement. The Bohemian neighbourhood with many small artisan shops, boutiques, nice cafes and bistros impresses with a very own flair. “To the Maison Dr.Hauschka” through a landscaped courtyard with many plants, where a soothing sleep welcomes the visitor. And this calm accompanied the guests during the whole time in the Spa.

La Maison Dr.Hauschka designed as a place of serenity, which is reflected also in the Interior are harmoniously zusammenfugt to a natural, pure world of wood, stone and vegetation. A small watercourse originates from a slate wall and flows along the ground through a Ambience of muted light. Angenehm soft and comfortable chair are grouped around the source, where the visitors can enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of fresh fruit juice. Preferred environmentally friendly materials were used for the Interior clean. Five Dr.Hauschka natural beauticians pamper recreational and Entspannungssuchenden either with a Dr.Hauschka classic treatment or one of the six variations of the luxury of the relaxation to the revitalization treatment. Also the Dr.Hauschka body treatments are offered: for the whole body, back, hand and foot as well as manicure and pedicure. So soothing there is something for everyone. La Maison Dr.Hauschka 39 rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris phone: + 33 (0) 1 43554055 E-Mail: