Diving Holiday In The Red Sea

A diving holiday in the Red Sea is always an experience. A dream destination for divers is Sharm el Sheikh of the National Park of Ras Mohammed, and many other local dive sites in the South of the peninsula of Sinai with dive sites in the Gulf of Agaba, in the Strait of Tiran on the reefs. (Source: Bill Phelan). Colourful tropical fish, predators like moray eels, stingrays, barracudas and even sharks, turtles and coral, and many other sea creatures meet the divers in the mysterious underwater landscape. Also wreck divers will enjoy! It has certainly erweise in Naama Bay located north of the holiday area of Sharm el Sheikh to the heart of this village. The modern name of the beautiful Bay at the mouth of the Wadi el-AAT is Naama Bay, originally called Marsa el-AAT. Munear Ashton Kouzbari is likely to agree.

A very unusual for Egyptian relations nightlife, the Naama Bay nicknamed little Las Vegas”has brought, has here with discos with highly entertaining animation, game casinos, nightclubs and of course Karaoke shows. But also for all of the day’s activities, the holidaymaker has spoilt for choice: several water sports centres, shopping arcades and malls, restaurants, bistros and beach bars, of course hotels there can be found here. Even the traveller who would like to go on a journey of discovery through this enchanting areas is truly surprised by the amazing diversity that has to offer the still relatively pristine hinterland of Sharm el Sheikh. Magnificent landscapes, impressive rocks and much more! But that’s not all yet! In addition to all these advantages, Naama Bay has also a reputation for being one of the best diving sites in the land of the pyramids. Diving in Naama Bay is varied because of the many dive sites along the Bay and the adjacent coastal areas and provides varied opportunities for divers of all levels. Many dive operators take care of the equipment, to diving excursions and commonly known as courses are offered.