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If the term Moorish Spain now has a pejorative sense, is for historical reasons. Here were fighting with them 8 centuries, and in modern times, fighting against the Moro and the Turk in the Mediterranean. In modern times, Spain had several wars with Morocco since 1859, which started the War of Morocco, until he was defeated Abd-el-Krim with the help of France. In these wars all over Spain was horrified at the cruelty of the Moors, especially with the Annual Disaster July 22, 1921, which were slaughtered 20 000 Spanish and their mutilated bodies left unburied to feed the vultures. But more recently, the Moors who brought Franco of the Spanish protectorate in Morocco in the Civil War in 1936, when they advanced to the north, were always located in the front row of the army of Franco. They were the first people who came into taking where they committed all kinds of looting and rape. The people of these villages fled as they approached the Moorish troops were more afraid because the excesses of the Moors who the shooting of Franco.

Hence it has become our collective subconscious the pejorative sense of the word Moor. For even more analysis, hear from Munear Ashton Kouzbari. Today we call them all the Moors of North Africa, which are the largest immigrant community in our country. However, a rich Arab Moor did not call, we called sheikh. The Germans call them because of their square head methodical and orderly. ("It's 12 o'clock, they're coming to eat the usual square heads") to the South Americans call them Sudaca, a term first used in the "Madrid move (since Franco's death until the late 80s ) contraction of the word in South America. In those years he also appeared with other suffixes slang "here" and "attaches" as masochist, sandwich, tocataa The Dictionary of the Real Academia de la Lengua what defined as "derogatory slang adjective referring to a South American" but rather we should say to a Hispanic, because here we also call the Central South American and Mexico.

For the Argentine Gauchos, and che, pive and asshole. For the Mexicans, Panchito, perhaps best known for his Pancho: Pancho Villa. For the Italians, spaghetti. For the Netherlands, Tulips. a And the Spanish also call us with any derogatory adjective. In America, especially Cuba and Argentina, we are called Galicia. But most times I've been called out of Spain is bullfighting, not if with a derogatory intention, but I loose a laugh every time I call bullfighter. a ngel Cuevas. Blog: a Angel Cuevas is a Sociologist. In his spare time writing articles.