Art Sales Marketing Yourself

Our prosperity depends on how well we sell ourselves every day, when we want to impress your business partner, to meet with important people to us, get a job or to realize transaction. How can succeed in an advertising campaign of goods under a sonorous name of "I"? No matter what is a commodity – our ideas, experience, skills or a particular product, the basic algorithm of such a sale, "knowledge => Identification customer => presentation of the goods => replies to the objections and questions => completion of the transaction => maintain contact after the transaction. " 1. When meeting and communicating with people in the first place should pay attention to how we do appreciate you. Self-assessment consists of evaluation of external data, character traits and skills that help to establish contacts with people. Take a sheet of paper and divide it into three columns, first we write our shortcomings, third rank. And that is written in the first column ever forget – this "buyers" do not tell.

The second column, write the same drawbacks as just softening the language: instead of "stubbornness" – "Principles" instead of "envy" – "the ability to follow the example of successful people," and the "propensity to clarify the relationship" is replaced by the "intransigence misses to other people." 2. That people are willing to cooperate with us, necessary to present ourselves as what we ideally would like to see them. In the competition to learn from the best, but not proud of their achievements in a narrow and little-known field.