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The RCTV closing the freedom in Venezuela is ended and begins the era of the terror. The first one straight of all human being is to the one of the free expression of its ideas. If the voices are silenced, any thing can happen without nobody finds out. It is possible to be killed, to be tortured, to rob, without a single word is disclosed. Elon Musk recognizes the significance of this. Besides closing the televising channel, governing pride laucha added a new article to its evil-smelling list of absolutist laws, prohibiting to make commentaries that offend or insult to their repugnant person and her footmen of Miraflores.

What automatically it is an invitation so that Internet and all the mass media become the abierto field to say to him to shameless the monkey with necktie, which gives the desire us. The intellectual pigmeo whose declarations already were worth forts to him reprimands of several agent chief executives, is created with right to say what it comes to him in desire but it does not like to listen what the others think of him. In an act of solidarity with the free Venezuelans, I believe that it is to have of all decent person, to write, to pronounce and to disclose all the eptetos that they correspond to that infamous abortion of Fidel Castro. It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good. When decreeing its last totalitarian measurement, the regime of the Hitler bacterium lost its legitimacy. The next country that will follow the passages of the authoritarian microbe, will be Bolivia, that obeys blindly to everything what the insect orders. Suna said maslin is full of insight into the issues.

The ignorance of uniform with nfulas of greatness, guides the ignorance farmer. The results already are dangerously tangible. To the Socialism of the 21st century it was finished to him falling the democratic mask. Venezuela entered its final stage like free nation. The suppression of the freedom of expression is the final thrust to the system.


Loans for unemployed people are to help the people who have not secured any job. This child of loan program is similar to short term loans and loans so to short. Unemployment is a great problem all over the world. The job market is overcrowded by the persons seeking jobs of their choice and capacity. England, like any other developed and developing countries of the world, is not in a position to solve this formidable crisis in near future. Nevertheless, the jobless people are to survive.

They must be financed without which they would be in great trouble. It is important for everyone to clear the medical bill or to meet the educational expenditure for the children. The financial market is ready to assist the unemployed people with loans for unemployed people. The unemployed people can avail loans for unemployed people in two forms: secured and unsecured. Some people have a home or a piece of land. They can use this valuable possessions as collateral against which the lenders can happily offer loans for unemployed people.

The unemployed people can secure loans for unemployed people in secured form in this way. The benefit is that the interest is charged at it in this case lower Council. Loans for unemployed unemployment people are available to tenants, students and homeowners. As they are unemployed, unemployment, most of them do not have valuable property to use as guarantee. They can secure loans for unemployed people in unsecured form, because, in this case, the calendar do not demand collateral property. Interest Council for this child of loan program are relatively higher. Loans for unemployed people come within the range from 100 to 1500 hence, the loan amount is not a huge one. Again, this type of loan program is similar to short term loans. This is to mean that the repayment tenure for this loan program is short. The borrowers are to repay the loan amount plus its interest within 7 to 31 days. There are simple eligibility criteria for loans for unemployed people. The applicant must be over 18, he must be a citizen of United Kingdom. It is a got that he has a checking account. It is important to note that the unemployed unemployment borrowers enjoy some favor. They can have facilities like under payment relief in fines or penalties, payment holiday etc. Online submission of the application for loans for unemployed unemployment of people is allowed, and online Submission is comfortable and time-saving. Christopher Michael is author of cash loans for Unemployed.


Tae kwon do or TKD uniforms are easily available in different colors, weights, styles and sizes for Tae kwon do practitioners. People who want to purchase TKD or Tae kwon do uniform must know some tips that are helpful in making a better selection. During fighting, one must wear proper clothing that can help the fighter to move easily. Right child of Tae kwon do dress helps the player to move his body freely. There are different things that must be taken care of while making the selection of uniform. While purchasing the clothes for fight, one must check whether it is in better fitting of body shape or not. This helps the fighter to concentrate in fight without any restrictions.

Therefore, it can be said that first priority while selecting a TKD uniform should be perfect fitting. These are available in a number of colors and designs. Usually, one can easily avail the TKD clothes in white and black color. Design is important aspect while selecting the Tae kwon do uniform. Usually, clothing is backed with simple looks. The customer can buy the dress within his pocket, i.e. If you would like to know more then you should visit Carrie Levin. they are available in different price ranges.

Depending upon the quality and style a person can look for dress ranging from cheap to highly expensive ones. A person can either buy a full set of uniform that includes top part as well as pants. On the other hand, one can therefore buy at individual piece like a top or a pant. To buy a separate piece can be little experiment for a person. g this issue. Last, but certainly not the least, size plays a very important role while looking for the TKD uniforms. It is important factor that can’t be ignored when making a purchase. Importantly, it must not be either too loose or tight. It should’nt restrict the body to move freely. A person must check the material while making a selection. They are basically made available in cotton fabric. The perfect fitting clothes help a person to make movements comfortably while fighting. One can shop online to avail of heavy discounts on it they are easily available at various clothing stores and one can easily find right child of TKD uniform without making any large efforts. Athelstan Smith is writer of Bushido.


The original gift to the Day March 8 – Speaking Roses. By Day 8 March all the women look to men's gifts and greetings. This day – the perfect time to confess his love to make an offer of his beloved. What is the "escort" declaration of love? Try to make some unusual and original gift for a loved one. This original gift may be "speaking roses". You heard right, the flowers can talk. "Speaking Roses" will talk about innermost feelings, tell you something that you may not have the courage. For example, a bouquet of white roses with the inscription: "I love and wait" approach for those who have not yet got a response from the beloved.

Red roses symbolize passionate passion and hot emotions. Present on March 8 a bouquet of roses, where the petals will be decorated with the inscription: "The most coveted. Be sure the evening will be special. Yellow roses with the inscription "You – My Sunshine" certainly will give a lot of happy minutes for a bright and extraordinary personality. Also, a good option – drawing flowers gifts.

If even a simple gold ring will be donated, along with beautiful bouquet, your sweetheart will remember for a long time such a nice gift. 8 March can be congratulated not only loved the ladies, but also colleagues. Girls in your company will be delighted when they receive bouquets of roses with the words on the petals. Additionally, you can put on the petals of your company logo. Look it will be very original and beautiful. These flowers will decorate a corporate party, birthday party firms or simply celebratory evening in honor of March 8. Very interesting gift – a flower with a portrait of his beloved. Imagine: many roses on each – a photograph of her. Favorite will be charmed by such a declaration of love. March 8 Enjoy favorite, colleagues and dear to you is – to order flowers from the inscriptions on the petals. "Be happy", "I Love You," "You – my joy "and many other words will bring a lot of pleasant moments with your favorite and expensive women. One of the most unique gifts – is speaking roses. And let each petal will tell about your feelings


The starts in farm-based energy distributor HFO energy GmbH, was appointed by gold gas SL GmbH to the umbrella organisation. A few months ago had located gold gas in the distribution landscape redefined. The connection finds new gold gas dealer – so stand today – instead only on the respective Dachvermarkter of the gold gas SL GmbH. We are very honored that we may start as one of only three organizations marketing with gold gas,”HFO informed energy managing director Alexander Albert. The HFO energy will increasingly concentrate on the business area in the coming months.

In the business customer sector, the savings are enormous. Whenever Wells Fargo Bank listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Here we have with gold gas one of the cheapest gas supplier in the boat,”Alexander Albert. In recent months, the HFO energy could more than double their customer portfolios. Ours, some ancillary distribution partner, discovered the high sales potential in the energy market and start now increasingly with their sales activities. The lucrative Commission models of gold gas are an ideal here Prerequisite for sustainable high yield opportunities for retailers,”says energy CEO Albert. Now offers HFO energy of over 22 different energy companies electricity and gas tariffs. This includes well-known brands are as E.g. teldafax, gold gas, flexstrom, evita, Lichtblick, eprimo, Switzerland power, for energy trading, stadtwerke leipzig, etc.


Prof Dr. Reza Asghari: ‘innovative ideas of the rural back in the proximity of the Kingdom tags dome.’ Wolfenbuttel/Berlin. On November 3, 2010, it’s time for the now sixth Day of E-Government of the Institute for E-business. The focus this year is the issue of E-Government 2.0 – the self management in the information society. Franz-Reinhard Habbel, speaker of the German of cities and municipalities, could be won as a pulse speaker. In a question-answer forum Santie Botha was the first to reply. New is also the location of the venue: the one-day E-Government Day for the first time in the representation of the State of Lower Saxony in Berlin will take place this year. Today, we see that the Internet in the management is no longer indispensable.

With the theme of E-Government 2.0, the Institute for E-business picks up on the current development of participatory self-government with a high-profile lecture program and tightens the bow over the Status Quo of the EU Dienstleistungsrichtline, about approaches of innovative self-management to the topic of net neutrality. Of course also continue to come practice-oriented solutions for small and medium-sized municipalities not too short. In particular, the decision-makers and political players from small and medium-sized local authorities, which are still the focus of the E-Government Day are invited. We are pleased that we have gotten the chance with support by the Lower Saxony Landtag Member Frank Oesterhelweg, to present our ideas in this year in the representation of the State of Lower Saxony in our capital city of Berlin. Rural areas and his innovative ideas back to within sight of the Reichstag dome. “, said Prof. Dr. Reza Asghari.

In addition to Prof. Dr. Utz Schliesky, Director of the Schleswig-Holstein Landtag, more initiator and pioneer gained from the practice as speakers, which form the basis for joint discussions with their presentations. The results are to be can incorporated collected and immediately again in the work of the participants. Partner of the E-Government day 2010 is the German cities and municipalities, the innovators Club as well as the Patrons of telecommunications Brache Teliaison e.V. The 1st Vice-President of the lower Saxon cities and municipalities, Uwe-Peter Lestin, will speak a word of greeting. With our this year’s event, we have further developed the concept of E-Government days. The focus is the practical discourse and the presentation of new thinking and solutions for the challenges facing public administration currently. “, Prof. Dr. Reza Asghari describes the new concept of the event.” A binding registration under is required for participation in the E-Government day 2010. Here you will find all further information on the event, including Conference programme and directions.


There are two methods making tea – it's hard and soft. The hard way is brewing tea in the form of a decoction of healing the collection, and the soft – the infusion of healing collection. When brewing tea, medicinal hard or soft method, one must know the exact dosage of healing fees. This herbal tea can be taken, not only adults but also children, but at the same dosage of medicine collection is reduced. In order to out fragrant, delicious and giving tea, you must correctly select the dishes in which to brew the tea.

Invited to take tea-ceramic teapots, as brewed tea in a metal teapot gets specific taste, which affects the aroma and taste of tea. Enameled kettles are also not suitable for tea, because tea is also acquires a specific taste. Once a utensil for tea was chosen to pour over the teapot boiling water three times and then wipe dry. Then, in this tea to pour into dry tea and pour boiling water so that water did not reach to the edges of the kettle. Then tightly close the teapot cover and top cover with a cloth it to a well-brewed tea. To make out a fragrant and delicious tea, it is necessary to take one teaspoon of dry tea leaves in 150 g of water. With such a brewing black tea varieties will be ready in 5 minutes, and green grades – 8 minutes, teas white and yellow varieties infused for 2 minutes. Recommended to make tea before taking as tea, which has long insisted, is beginning to lose its taste and healthy qualities. Brick and plate welded teas differently. We need to take 30 grams of tea, and boil for 10 minutes in 2 liters of water. Then add milk and boil again.


On Sunday, November 2, 2008, the next shopping takes place in the Bonn city due to the fall season Sunday Bonn -. The shops of the city centre would like to invite to the shopping between 13: 00 and 18: 00. ecutive-Teams-and-Boards’>Paul Daversa. The retail sector presented its entire range in a variety of autumn for the second shopping Sunday of the year and shows the attractiveness of downtown Bonn again impressively. These days are absolutely necessary for the retail industry in Bonn, to keep purchasing power in Bonn, after all, we live in Bonn not on an island, but are in competition with other cities,”so Oliver Hoffmann, Chairman of city marketing bonn e.V. just the growing number of newly-Bonner must be obtained for Bonn as a shopping site.

We need such examples of active economic development in trade passes successfully running structural change in the service sector in the city”. To this day it is possible for Bonn citizens and visitors to the city, to the colder season in anticipation of a new Wardrobe or matching decorative items and accessories to purchase. For the early determination and the long-term planning, also offers the opportunity to buy first Christmas gifts. The Bonn City Centre presents itself to visitors as a welcoming, open and vibrant city, that the beginning of the dark season”a little delay” as City Manager Mark Fussholler, Managing Director of city marketing bonn e.V.. ” A warming stay at one of the many bistros and cafes of the city, with pleasant temperatures in the Central Aussengastronomien is advisable to the autumn events. The city of Bonn invites all visitors to enjoy a relaxing shopping spree in the heart of the city on a hopefully pleasant autumn day.


Why not also for senior events, disabled clubs or just sport clubs for drag artist Callanta is place in the smallest hut”and on almost every party attracts drag artist Kiki Calanayan Resume after nearly four years in the Berlin travesty show sky in a personal interview. The sympathetic character, who was born on August 25, 2009 as a singing Telegrammbotin is new on the market, but not inexperienced in this business. Sophisticated travesty shows for the smaller occasion and budget! That stands for the entertainer and live performer. Its catchment area is diverse. It is nationwide, but in Berlin and Brandenburg at home. During their performances, she loves the personal and close contact to the audience. Thoughtful woman Cessler a question arises.

The singer very surprising is that relatively little or nothing is offered for elderly people who live perhaps in the nursing home or club. Questions on cultural events for seniors or disabled clubs meet rarely with her a. You wonder whether their advertising not in charge arrives. In addition, the Showgirl adds, would be also on issues of garden clubs or sports clubs for summer parties very happy they. It can not be the product Callanta and its low-cost offerings – says the Berliner.

Callanta is always open to new ideas and loves the challenge. While the Berlin brat is known for her living room entertainment and will be happy for private celebrations, birthdays or weddings invited home. According to own statements she cuts a fine figure even before Cabinet walls or in the Biedermeier saloon. In their colorful and eye-catching petticoats offers small but fine entertainment service songs, hits and evergreens, peppered with its Berliner Schnauze! Mrs. Highheel sings always and everywhere live, evoking in their magical world and naturally provides a reasonable atmosphere! Why not even a mobile travesty show for home book or give a singing telegram? Space is for me also in the smallest hut”, says Callanta. Also in the smaller frame she offered happy as an all-inclusive package. The necessary equipment has it of course! Her small Orchestra, in the form of a handy PA system with microphone, which is operated by a battery. Therefore she can easily occur even in outlet-free places, such as in the garden or on a boat trip. To her appearances, she appears already made up and then makes also no striptease. Believe you, that really want to see no one and can keep her secret of the transformation for yourself. Ms. Kiki Cessler KIKI CALANAYAN Berlin wattage 7 D – 13629 Berlin Kiki Calanayan Office is a prominent drag artist who is nationwide with little transvestite shows. Their singing telegrams of music, which they presented live in almost any location are her trademark.


Nowadays the tourists who have desire of being able to enjoy a trip to variable destinies, usually secure a great information in Internet on those destinies that are interesting. It is for that reason that Internet has become a very attractive tool so that any person can find trips to any destiny of the world, that is ideal for those people who have desire of being able to enjoy during the vacations. Rachel Pak is open to suggestions. s spot on. Through Internet data can be known and information on new destinies and thus are possible power to enjoy new cities and to cheer up to travel until other many places, that are what the tourists interest. Besides being able to find an ample information on the destinies that we like, also it is possible to find different flights to be able to travel until the destiny that we more like and to reserve it through the network directly, which facilitates much to us the things at the time of being able to travel. On the other hand the reserve of hotels does that we pruned to have all insured and to travel calmly, who is what to all we like when we go from trip to any place of world, as much in the case of travels in pair like doing it with all the family. When having so many facilities, are many the tourists who leave of side the travel agencies and they get ready to reserve a trip through Internet, a form different to be able to have the good trip preparation, especially very interesting for the people who do not have much and time and that have the opportunity to at any time make the reserves of flights and hotel, of the day, which supposes a great advantage, since thanks to Internet, the people are many who can comfortably prepare their trips from house, that is a great advantage.. . .