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In his book the secret of the power of goals, Andrew Corentt, writes that a person is what is said if it continuously. This monologue inner, continuous saying Corentt, is what determines that a person is rich and happy or otherwise. All people know that if someone is said to if same, that you can do something, then you can do it. Henry Ford said, so if you think you can, as if you think you can’t, you’re right. This monologue inside is the tool that the subconscious mind uses to create our reality.

Two people in a same room are different things. Two people in a company are the same situation very differently. I remember something that once I read or hear, somewhere. A company sent two executives to an area of a country where there were many people. When the Chief Executive returned, with his face full of disappointment, said: I regret to say that the trip was a failure, this nation is so little civilized all walk barefoot. Nobody uses shoes. The only thing that is seen by all sides is poop sheep.

There is no chance of doing business. When the second executive arrived, full of emotion, he said, this country is a gold mine, there are incredible opportunities. The premises have a lot of sheep and we can sell wool and other derivatives. It is best that we can exchange their wool by our shoes, because all walk barefoot and our products are perfect for them. That opportunity we have here! The same situation was seen and interpreted according to the monologue inside these people. The monologue inside a person said: everything is full of obstacles. The monologue inside the other person said: the world is full of opportunities. Now, in his book, the secret of the power of goals, Corentt explains, that the inner monologo not only determines our optimism or pessimism.

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Get the opposite game, not contact her at all, she will start to miss you question your decision, will try to chat with you to explain the reasons for what he did (moment of great weakness which we will use in our favour – you will teach how-) for all this, contact with your former partner ceases immediately. Nothing of emails, sms, notes, wait at the door of his work, home, Office, school, University, etc. 4 Key point: you do not sink into self-pity I know that at the moment it is difficult to not be depressed. Let me tell you that there are techniques with which you can quickly overcome this situation and use that energy to know parts of yourself that you neither imagined that they existed and will serve to be much more desired by women in general and your ex-girlfriend in particular. You must not stay at home and leave you, alone, listless, without leaving. What you should do is to establish a plan of action designed to make every step you take gives you the certainty that she is approaching a little more you, although she was not even aware of what happens with intelligence! Waiting to spend a reasonable time, depending on the case can be two weeks, sometimes a month. This gives time to her to settle their ideas, not act in hot and to realize the great error that has committed to leave you. You now have a plan detailed action, prepared by a professional who will tell you what you should do step by step to make it stop eating from the Palm of your hand.

At the time you send him just a note that will force it to get in touch with you and will expose all its weaknesses. If you follow the indications of the method reconquering it I can assure you that you will have your ex girlfriend again beside you much before than you can imagine. But you also now have the reins of the relationship, she don’t want to leave you more because you will learn step-by-step techniques needed to adjust its behavior to suit your needs. I invite you to review the free e-book that can be found on the page of the method reconquering it and you take a look at some of the leaves of the online manual, you can also view some videos on the subject or listen to a part of the full audiocurso that serves as a complement to the course in general. At the beginning I asked how do I do to recover my partner? Now you know that it is possible, and that there is a methodology specific to achieve it, is up to you to know if you decide to make a decision or not.

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