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The main victims of the global financial crisis, among other 'comrades in adversity', steel, and companies that are the basis of production chains. If the crisis hit, and your company, you obviously have much reduced expenditure, and this is a significant cut in their affected first of all secondary and care services. To know more about this subject visit Michellene Davis. Nevertheless, the need for such services there. But you can go the other way – is the way automate each and every small business process: it cuts down on time spent on these processes and paperwork, the inevitable passing of papers in a few departments. The effectiveness of labor undoubtedly increase, and this is an excellent tool for overcoming the crisis, analysts say. This task is feasible by using its own internal information resource, it is – a corporate portal. Perhaps not There is no such business, in the exercise of which does not need documents. Every company or organization in one way or another relate to the difficulties encountered in the process of record keeping.

Documents are easily lost, where about automation technology, and hence the careful monitoring, not a speech. Of course, you can work the old fashioned way (not to automate records management and document management), constantly trying to restore order in their documentation and find the extreme, to whom could be entrusted the responsibility. But why these senseless suffering in the age of modern technology, offering to take advantage of programs and thus get rid of problems? Automated case management and workflow make it possible to not only manage the processes associated with the processing of documentation, but also exercise control over their implementation. With this system you can create, manage, replicate, store documents. Another major advantage of automating business processes is the ability to store, process information of various types, whether it be text files, images, scanned from paper copies, spreadsheets, etc.


About viewing the video user generated emotional background. Robert Kiyosaki has compatible beliefs. The incompleteness of the story is interesting clip. It is known that contributes to the incompleteness of interest because a person mentally dorisovyvat missing parts of the image, receiving internal emotional and intellectual satisfaction from the creative process. Thus, when advertising on television to highlight the image, clearly distinguish it from all environment. If possible, try to use the association with movie heroes, artistic heroes.

The main types of stories in the advertising vehicle: a dramatic, historic, poetic. In a question-answer forum Michellene Davis was the first to reply. Pros advertising on television: – simultaneous effect on the eyes and ears – wide range of attracting consumers' attention by creating a moving image of a car with an alternation of display advertising. Advertising on Radio. It is becoming increasingly popular. In this type of advertising vehicles to focus on sounds (brand name), and images of model cars from the audience. The main advantages of this type of advertising: – great coverage of the audience – relatively low cost – greater confidence than Print Ads in the printing industry.

Placing a graphic ad unit in glossy magazine or on the forms is very popular brand of the car increases. High printing quality and prestige can see your ads and appreciate the brand of car. Brochures, catalogs and brochures are also playing a role in promoting the brand. As we have said, advertising must present to the buyer truthful information, so it is useful to place articles on the topic in print production. Such advertising in specialized publications will be a great help.


It is believed that the promotion of any restaurant or bar, the standard scheme of promotion of services. That is one and the same scheme can be popular and new laundry room and a spa, and dry cleaning, and a disco bar. This stereotype seems wild, since the services of something different. Sure, a pub and sports bar at the initial stage can be positioned the same, but some services they provide are different, so why not use their own, distinct from its brothers in the service of promoting their services to schools? A unique service that provides sports Barve unlike beer – a joint review of sports broadcasting, in particular, football. Knowing passion of fans of his district, you can turn visitors into competing schools of their own loyal clients. On the local forums do a poll like "which team are sick." Suppose, in a poll win "Spartacus". Next, give the information in the form of leaflets, radio, any media containing "everyone who comes in Spartakovskaya scarf – a mug of beer for free" and to position their institution as a bar with translations of football. To hold such shares can not only for fans of a football team, and hockey, and any other.

Announcements of upcoming sporting events, such as the World Cup Biathlon also add your visitors to the sport bar. The trouble many schools – the lack of visitors during the day. Ordinary course of advertising for establishments that have a kitchen, are business lunches. The target audience in this case is no longer fan brethren, and nearby merchants – shop owners and retail outlets. They have somewhere to eat, so why not invite them to dine with you? Ways to different invitations – from direct calls to the discounts. Alternatively, you can consider free shipping business lunch, the closest potential visitors, eventually sold itself no institution, and service. This service will appeal to many hungry workers, and a free business lunch director of a small neighboring firms will oblige him to order lunch and their employees.

The same sports bar by day turns into success with wi fi cafe for students. In the past, escaping from school, went to the movies, now free internet easily competes with cinemas. Free Internet access makes sense to do a passable ground, and if your institution is located near educational institutions. Students would be happy to spend your time talking to social networks in your institution.


First in a cup filled with hot water, which translates as cool, and then immediately prepared coffee. The best material for cup is porcelain with a high firing temperature, to determine that the first time is not easy, because many manufacturers do not always indicate such information. However, the heavier and darker than the cup, the more the probability that the firing was carried out at high temperature, and that the quality of this cup will be higher. Nokboks. Nokboks a box or a box with a cross and used to knock the used mass of coffee portafilter.

Together with the temperature it often comes with a machine, and while his presence is not required, facilitates nokboks fate of who is at the coffee machine. Pitcher. Pitcher represents a small scoop for foaming milk, which has a rounded shape, handle and a small projection or nose of one of the edges. This kind of pitching, especially with a broad nose, is not suitable for Latte art making, cappuccino and macchiato without using a spoon. For accurate fit frothing pitchers with a long chisel-shaped beak. Cleaning agents. One of the prerequisites preparation of quality espresso coffee machines is the maintenance of cleanliness, although this rule is often not fulfilled.

The net should be absolutely everything, including the workplace. To clean the grinder of a frozen coffee oil ordinary rice is perfect, the problem remains only to gently remove it from the remnants of the device. To clean the coffee machine components, such as a portafilter, the coffee group, and other metal parts suit special features. Once or twice a year, should I clean coffee machine descaling, which should be guided by the attached statement. If necessary, replace the knife grinders, although usually they serve a few years. Other arrangements for the baristas are: towels to wipe the portafilter timer to calculate the cooking time, servings of espresso variety of filters Dial Thermometer (for control the temperature of the milk) is a rubber gasket to shake out a lot of coffee, espresso machine portafilter without damaging the small scales for each serving of espresso In conclusion, I want to say that the process espresso coffee machines with a passion for many people. Some people like to collect cups, someone messing with a machine, someone is engaged in its own roasting beans or every time espresso machine gets the latest model. However, it is worth remembering that the most delicious espresso can be obtained from grains of home roasting-ground normal cheap coffee grinder. Every tool is good, but the most important remains the ability of the people directly and is busy preparing the drink.

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Accounting for heat. Practice shows that consumers consider the installation of heat metering means by which save energy, but this is incorrect. So what requires metering? When organizing for heat pursued a series of goals and solve some practical problems, the most important and obvious of which are 1: 1. ensuring accurate and fair order of settlements between the consumers of heat and electric power supply organization for by accurately measuring the heat consumption of real parameters (for the main consumers of energy stimulant implementation of accounting is just the item that allows financial transactions to supplier only really used the resources of their actual quality) 2. provision of the equipment of heating systems and heat consumption and early detection and removal of its troubleshooting by providing the consumer and the supplier of thermal energy operational and statistical information about modes of these systems, 3. stimulate the consumer and energy supplier for the energy conservation measures and introduction of technologies of energy saving. In other words we can say that the inclusion leads to proper operation of heating equipment and the use of heat and coolant, as the supplier and the consumer, encouraging as that and the other for the energy saving measures and the introduction of energy efficient equipment and technologies.

Heat-meters (the heat). The major heat energy metering devices are heat meters. Heat meter – a set of instruments that take into account the consumed thermal energy and heat transfer in systems of water and steam heating, as well as their parameters.

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