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There are a variety of available financial deposits in the country, the future may account holders to choose between several types of product placements to their money. Usually offer various options that are mostly unknown to the public, creating a need to overcome ignorance as to the financial deposits. Sometimes, fear and ignorance, not contracted options that make the daily business operations with money a lot easier. In this paper we approach the financial deposits in order to give an overview about what we allow these products, do we gain by having a bank account at a bank or financial institution and we will see some terms used frequently in this world that seems complex but it is not so. The amortization of financial deposits corresponds to the early cancellation of the debt. If we do a credit and debt repayment of all or part of the amount you owe to the counter-party as when hiring a mortgage, are paying off the debt. In some cases, banks charge a fee for depreciation is made in advance, when you cancel the debt in a shorter period than that prescribed.

This is because the bank has interest generated by the same debt, so a cancellation before the end undermine their own financial situation. Financial deposits in other types of committees such as the initiation or administration costs. It’s always good to find out what kind of commissions charged the bank before opening financial deposits. When the interest rate that applies to financial deposits is variable rate, will depend on an index, so it is subject to variations that this same index. This also applies to credit transactions in which debt can be subject to a variable interest rate. The indexes that link the interest may be one or more, and as examples we can put the Consumer Price Index, the Stock Exchange Securities Euribor and others. If the interest is indexed to Euribor interbank rate is taken and points are added to form the interest at Euribor plus 1 point, for example.

Know the terms used to handle bank deposits and movements in financial institutions in general is of crucial importance. In general the average user does not have a finished idea of what can be achieved with financial deposits, or knows how to get good returns with, for example, a good bearing account. Fortunately at this time we have available a very important tool: the Internet. Through it we can know more fully the details of financial products which suit us closer to our purposes and we can even open a bank account online, in general terms more favorable than the traditional way.

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