Printing Program

In the Dutch Veldhoven is on the 26-27 02 the annual 3D fair RapidPro held February 26-27 the annual fair for 3D printing, RapidPro, in the Dutch Veldhoven will reopen its doors. On the RapidPro everything without exception revolves around 3D printers and accessories, and of course the latest trends in this area. Every year companies in the Netherlands and Belgium arrive here, to present the latest developments in the field of 3D printing. Laymen will wonder how many vendors there alone for this area in these two countries. The featured technologies are developed that it would trust them to be, soon to make the leap into the private areas of the consumer. The technology exists for 20 years, but it was affordable and profitable until the last years into just for large corporations. But in recent years there has been a big boost.

The hardware is cheaper and more manageable with every passing year. On Crowdfunding platform forums collect constantly just like Kickstarter several teams very successful money for bringing their innovative ideas to market. Currently camera is collected there, for example, for a 3D comes out with a camera and using a 3D sensor capable of is to record three-dimensional movements too, what else has provided a significantly more expensive and unhandlichere equipment. But what are the latest trends around the three-dimensional pressure? It will be especially curious scanners and large print formats on the recent progress made in 3D. 3D scanners can be used to reproduce three-dimensional shapes and figures for later playback with a 3D printer, without having to program the form with a typically necessary CAD program. This technology will be important for it to make the 3D printer suitable for mass production. Because without a 3D scanner must the user either with a CAD program itself can program the desired result, or get the code available. Also for larger projects using 3D printing technology to can, without having to print many small parts, the size of the possible pressure is becoming increasingly important.

Major construction projects can be implemented today by means of 3D printing, but here many items need to be summarized. This affects the stability of larger projects. Probably one of the reasons why you also today still not print out the own House. While at the smaller 3D many small businesses as innovators turn out scanners that work with multiple cameras, there are rather large corporations who take on the task of innovators in large developments, such as large-format 3D printer. You find more information about the fair at: Tobias Redlin for