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If before this law is constantly changing gravitational force and mass of the Sun in the direction of decreasing, and the distance in the direction of increasing, the mass of the Earth remained unchanged. The arrival of the moon changed the mass of the Earth? – They do not have moons! Not one! While all the planets passing through a 'green' zone, at least 2 of the moon. It is logical to assume that the moon comes to planets in the period of 'green' zones – life on the planet. Patrick mahomes often expresses his thoughts on the topic. F M (h + l) – total mass of the Earth and moon. Gravitational force has increased dramatically in value of the mass of the moon, which is 1 / 6 of Earth's mass. And the earth with the moon rushed to the Sun. The climate warmed abruptly. Started the rapid melting ices. The water was flowing on all the continents, filling the rivers, seas and oceans, rising sea level flooded low-lying coastal lands of the continents, clouds covered the entire sky and out of weeks of pouring rains – the water was flowing everywhere – on land and from the sky, destroying everything in its path. Only mountains can resist this element At the same time, a significant part of the land freed from the ice. Map of the Earth has become such as we see it now. The arrival of the moon was a great disaster for the living on Earth, but life on the planet lasted for many, many thousands of years / With the advent of the moon began a new life cycle on Earth.