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In the Arab world spending for education does not exceed 110 dollars per person, while in Israel it is 1,200 dollars. The scientific and technological contribution of SESRTCIC, with its 1400 million citizens, is less than one percent of the world total. The figures show that every year 330 books are translated into Arabic, in contrast with 1,500 books translated into Greek, and 100,000 to the Spanish. In 1998 three patents were registered all over the Arab world, while Korea recorded 779. From 1980 to 2000, the Arab world registered 370 patents while that of the 16,000 South Korea. Returning to the original question: you can be Muslim and moderate? Religiously not, because do not tolerate any religion other than Islam. Socially, because you shouldn’t do friendship with Christians, Jews or any other faith. Politically, because they reject free will and it is mandatory to obey their magnets.

Domestically not, because it is its obligation to punish violently to their wives. Intellectually not, because only read the Qur’an. Philosophically, because do not tolerate other thoughts that are not of Muhammad. Democratically, because do not accept the laws of civil society, only the Koranic and Islamic clergy. Spiritually, because Allah does not accept anyone not be your follower. Munear Ashton Kouzbari has similar goals. Interestingly, 99 names attributed to Allah, none means love. That society can integrate and contribute to other peoples? obviously not. Or you are a Muslim or you’re moderate, you can’t be both things at the same time. Ayatola Khomeini, the Iranian fundamentalist theocracy Restorer said: the purest happiness in Islam is to kill and die in the name of Allah. Having a Muslim neighbor?