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And this looks more natural and naturally. Bronze powder will be relevant for each of us, giving the skin a nice golden hue, it is perfectly complement your lovely summer image. Two shades of gold mineral powder with your choice of shimmering shade of 'The reflection of the desert "or a matte finish," biscuits "body lotion with the effect of light tan you want to have a smooth, moisturized, radiant skin with a light tan? Want to make your skin look throughout year, as if you had just returned from vacation? Due to the effect of the lotion with a light tan to achieve this very simply. Contains moisturizing ingredients and tanning lotion allows particles to gradually achieve tan desired hue that will look incredibly natural. Lightweight, low-fat formula makes application means: it is quickly absorbed, leaving no spots and stains and remains on the skin for a long time, and the light fragrance coconut and honeysuckle creates a great mood, recalling the vacation.

Use lotion daily, morning or evening – and a week later your skin will get a shade of light tan, which will be periodically support, dealing means two or three times a week. Before applying the Lotion is recommended to use exfoliating agent, such as shower gel with loofah "Bamboo and Lotus" or "Red tea and figs" – this will allow tan go more smoothly. Gel for the body after sun is quickly absorbed, ultra-light, cooling gel for the body after sun soothing botanical extracts contains golden root, Thai vanilla and triple tea complex, which is a natural antioxidant that reduces inflammation and redness of the skin. The tool fills a vital skin moisture, softens and refreshes. Gel with gentle massage movements applied to the skin of the whole body immediately after a stay in the sun. Sunscreen with SPF 30 enriched with vitamins (A, C) and antioxidants (vitamin E, green tea leaf extract), it protects the face and body from harmful ultraviolet rays UVA / UVB and formation of free radicals. It is easily absorbed, and after application of fat-free, water-resistant cream skin remains soft, moisturized and protected.

Recommended by the American Foundation for the fight against skin cancer as effective sun protection product. Protective Lip Balm SPF 15 Protective exclusive formula lipstick with SPF 15 created on the basis of moisturizing ingredients and antioxidants creates an invisible barrier, the skin zaschischayuschiynezhnuyu lips from the harmful effects of sun and wind. Flavored water-resistant lipstick is used as a standalone tool before applying the usual lipstick. Recommended by the American Foundation for the fight against skin cancer as an effective sun protection product


Each time, faced with a new cosmetic line, we're afraid of something. No, be wary of imitations, of course, is worth it! But, you know, ladies, that no substandard cosmetics will not declare themselves as asserting itself Company DeSheli. For even more opinions, read materials from JPMorgan Chase. And she has the right to say that the best product anyone has ever developed! Why are we so confident in our company? Because before in 2010 to enter the international cosmetics market, the basis of the product – technology "Intelligent chip" has been tested for 15 years. Company DeSheli Israeli cosmetics manufacturer engaged in cooperation with the best laboratories in the world. They managed to create a unique makeup, which has no analogues in world. Crystal Youth Series products represent the integrative cosmetics, caring for the skin, repairing and restoring its natural functioning.

Their active influence on the cells of the skin prevents negative influence of the environment on the skin. So as you can use them to get rid of existing signs of such effects by controlling all the processes occurring in the skin system. All components of the products, combined correctly and professionally so that each ingredient complements the other and thereby increases the effects of the drug. The line of Crystal Youth DeSheli, divided into two age categories: under 35 years of age and after 35 years. The creators of the company took care of all of us, hoping to earn the trust. Dead Sea Cosmetics DeSheli represented a wide range of high quality products for a full comprehensive skin care. The benefits of this makeup is that you can use it at home and get on the procedures desired effect.

Despite the fact that the company has recently started its activities, the number of acquaintance with our cosmetics exceeded all our expectations, and every day the supporters of this product is becoming more and more. We are very pleased to see people whom we have already helped to make happy and look to the future. Company DeSheli, tries to do everything possible so that you can always be beautiful and young. We are not afraid of difficulties, and nothing will stop us until we achieve the goals. Our company grows and develops. Entrust us and we will not let you down! We will give you not only the beauty and confidence, and prove that dreams come true always! Source: