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The construction volume is 4 million euros NET with a surface area of 2,000 m2, distributed over 5 levels. Now significantly expands the medical provision of already around this central urban space-based practices. In the flower 3 will open on April 1, 2012 four surgeries their doors to patients: skin doctors Dr.med.G.Aretz, Dr.med.H.Aretz and Dr.med.W. Forster, the specialist in general surgery C.Beier, the urologist Dr.med.A. Muhlhausser and the obstetricians and Gynecologists Dr.med.J.Verbeek. The medical supply is complemented by the Velberter therapy and training centre Thera train with physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Follow others, such as Hyundai, and add to your knowledge base. On an area of approx.

250 m2, your pharmacy will open downstairs pharmacist Susan Krieger. Also Goldsmith located in Velbert and jeweler Ludger Helmert is his shop from the Green Street in the Flower 3 shift and come up with an extended range. Omero Benetazzo restaurateur in Essen-werden is Omero with his new Italian restaurant bistro there”for the culinary offerings provide. With 40 seats in the indoor as well as outdoor, this gastronomy will contribute significantly to the revival of the square. The new syndicate Medicum-Velbert”practice for pain therapy, palliative medicine and anesthesia are also Dr.med.Campean (Offerstrasse 23), the community of practice for internal medicine Dr.med.

Thomas Beyer, Dr.med. Gerd Hattingen, Gabriele Hattingen, Dr.med. Martina Kamler, Claus Muller light (Blumenstrasse 6), the dental practice Dr.med.dent. Constanze Freytag (Blumenstrasse 6) as well as the community of practice for child and adolescent medicine Drs.med. Birgit Jansen, Hans Theo Jansen, Nicola caps ha (Friedrichstrasse 202) on. The structure for the new object Blumenstrasse 3 is responsible for the Velberter Engineering Office for structural engineering Liebig. For the technical building equipment is responsible for the local company DTF engineers GmbH & Co KG. Carpenter from Ludinghausen is entrusted with the administration of real estate.


This is the first virtual fair around on the roof, facade, solar and thermal insulation Krefeld, December 16, 2008 yesterday was to open the new international online roof to roof messe.de. You will start with about 50 exhibitors from the fields of roof, facade, solar and thermal insulation. For visitors from the area of craft professionals, there is also information on fastening technology, safety technology, tools and special equipment. Special offer to the visitors: the visit of trade fair for professionals, which in time to register for 12 months is free of charge for a short time allows. It is therefore advisable to register to be eligible for this offer as soon as possible.

The trade fair, we now constantly expanded. On the one hand there ever more fair stands will be built, on the other hand, also the number of functions to improve the quality of the use is expanded. All visitors/specialists are required to ensure, by giving suggestions, what good competitors and products still on the fair itself with for a good fair should be presented. Publishing informants and interested parties for a stand sign up best non-binding using the contact details on the fair website at the roof-info.