Scientific Publications

Scientific journal "Economics and Sociology Right" is a collection of scientific papers on various aspects and issues of concern in the field of sociology, economics and law. Readers are presented publication in the field of economics, which reflect the main trends of research in this area. An important trend is the development of research in sociology, associated with increased demands for quality empirical data involved. Reliability of sources, the correctness of their methods of analysis. The contents of the scientific journal "Sociology of Economics and Law" reflects the diversity of the interests of specialists who use New methods in the study of the economic system of Russia. In chronologically all articles in one way or another connected with the study period, the formation and evolution of capitalism in Russia. Nearly all are accompanied by a significant number of tables that are the result of creating and processing resources. A considerable amount of articles in the scientific journal "Sociology of Economics and Law" allows the authors not only to formulate and solve partial issues but also address the fundamental problems of economics, sociology and law.