Margarita Island is one of the destinations most appreciated and valuable of Venezuela, without diminishing any other of the multiple options offered by the Venezuelan Caribbean and the rest of the country, is no doubt that throughout their development has contributed more to the tourist industry of Venezuela. If one is in search of good beaches Margarita is, without doubt, a great option because all along its coast can find beaches of very different kinds depending on which side of the island that you are visiting. On the coast it is impossible to not highlight Playa El Agua and Playa Parguito; endless kilometres of sand, restaurants, bars and hotels first, a truly beautiful and popular beach in which we will always find the place to our liking and suits our pocket lunch, only thing that I want everyone to keep in mind is cared for with the currents, and don’t be fooled by the apparent lack of depth; on the other hand Parguito is meeting place for lovers of surfing because during most of the year the waves that reach the coast are of a size and features more than enough for this sport. On this side of the island, also, can see a few kilometers from the coast the islets of Los Frailes, an excellent place to dive, but attention, is better to go with someone who knows the area, currents are intense and does entail some risk. It would be unfair to mention Playa Guacuco, which together with the tyrant and Cardon are very similar beaches although less concurred that water or Parguito and generally complement the offer of beaches on this side of the island which, though there are many more, we can say are the most significant. The North coast beaches are generally deeper and oceanic, and therefore more cold. Open to the Caribbean, and along a coast in general more abrupt offer a view and a very different experience from which they mentioned previously. .