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As we all know, Dubai is a destination for luxury, with all its ultramodern buildings, is a city that does not seem out of this world. For this reason many Web sites dedicated to the reservation of hotels, as Dubai Hotels, have put their sight to this destination. Dubia has many places of interest, one of them is Dubai DolphinariumFun. This area has been selected by the municipality of Dubai, due to its focus on the education of balance and family entertainment. This incredible place, gives you the opportunity to meet the most beautiful animals that inhabit our oceans. Dubai DolphinariumFun is extremely hermososo, in it, as you can imagine, you can swim with dolphins, this activity, it is one of many that is oriented for family.

Of course, an experience like this should be immortalized, well, for this reason, a professional photographer can make you photos, logically this is not included in the price of admission. Part of this beautiful experience, Dubai DolphinariumFun offers shows of dolphins and seals. The Dolphinarium It is located near the Creekside Park, with air conditioning. The pool has 3.5 million litres of water and 5.5 meters deep, apart from this, also has other pools of sea lions and dolphins. Its facilities include a restaurant and a souvenir shop. Without a doubt, this is a way to educate, entertain and learn from the young and the elderly.

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