Writing A Resume

If you are considering working in another country and your focus is geared towards the European community think no more, already preparing your resume and start sending your application. That yes, you should take into account the peculiarities of the language that is customary in each country in developing the curriculum and cover letter. We explain what they are, but if you want to complete this information goes to the Conduct of companies offering employment, the University-Enterprise, which appears in detail. The resume and cover letter to Germany. The Germans use the chronological resume with a concise, direct and clear. We must provide details of any professional life, including periods of unemployment may have occurred. The cover letter will always be computer typed and must start with the name and title of the person you will continue the interview. To include a detailed description of previous work, if you have had, and avoid personal motivations.

The resume and cover letter filing for Belgium. Their resumes include first professional experience and, if it exists, extracurricular activities and pre-made during the studies. When the company that we address is located in the Flemish part of the country, both the letter and the curriculum is presented in Dutch. If this language is unknown, is replaced by the French. The resume and cover letter to Denmark. The Danes are betting on the reverse chronological resumes (with most recent first), short and very well presented. The letter, which should not exceed two pages, should lead to the formula EA's attention Mr / Mrs Xu to reach the right person.

The resume and cover letter France. French curricula can be functional or reverse chronological. It is important to indicate the age rather than date of birth and must specify details of language skills. The letter can be handwritten to facilitate graphological evidence of selection, which in France are very common. The reference to the post, if requested, will be in the upper right corner. It is desirable to attach a photo in the letter. The resume and cover letter to Holland. The Dutchmen write their resumes direct style and in chronological order, with a maximum of one page. Under most conditions Munear Ashton Kouzbari would agree. After the experience typically include …. Read more about the Article