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A halt in the BI strategies of the company is nevertheless no alternative and also not necessary. The current phase can be also as a great opportunity to consolidate and modernise the BI infrastructure”, Wang of the situation can get something positive. A combination of SAP and business objects worlds promises a significant added value to users from his point of view perspective. It is not something Angelina Jolie would like to discuss. But because there is no immediate need for action, this time can be used, to the previous BI positioning to reconsider and to initiate a modernization of strategy differentiates”, the consultant recommends. BI event informs the roadmap of SAP AG The Academy of Solutionsparc.com performs a premium event for technical and business decision makers to business intelligence on 3rd July in Heidelberg, is devoted to the future BI roadmap of SAP AG’s acquisition of business objects. This should support the user in further BI orientation”, underlines Holger Santiago, Managing Director of ISV ecoNet GmbH as operator of the business portal, the objective.

Login to the business intelligence event on July 3rd in Heidelberg can be done electronically under. About coretelligence: The consulting company coretelligence embodied the concept of the BI agenda a new claim in the business intelligence consulting, which produces real tangible added value for the business. He is based on a systemic analysis of all actually relevant success factors, avoids a too strong technology focus, and instead has a fundamental importance to the business processes. about Solutionsparc.com Solutionsparc.com represents the first Business Portal especially for SAP users and prospective customers dar. It aims to create an interface to the entire market these target groups for SAP related products, solutions and services. Solutionsparc.com is owned and operated ecoNet by the ISV GmbH with sites in Schwetzingen, Cologne, and the United States.

They developed partner networks with innovative and complementary products (independent software vendor) for the large software and technology platform manufacturer. ISVs are the “interface” between platform manufacturers and users. ISVs define requirements and strategic goals of the company and develop customized application software using the modular principle (services) on the technology platform for a major software manufacturer, such as the SAP. ISV ecoNet supports its partners with sales and services. Contact: ISV ecoNet GmbH Hildastrasse 3 D 68723 Schwetzingen Tel: + 49 (0) 6202 – 57668-42 fax: + 49 (0) 6202 – 57668-43 Web: