UnidentalDirect BOLT

Benefits of the system of implants 18 UnidentalDirect BOLT connection cone Morse and canalada fixing the contact surface of the cone morse eliminates the gap and micro-circulation between the pillar and the body of the implant found in more traditional surface mesh, which is the hexagon.This feature eliminates the production of toxic by-products produced in this gap which in turn attacks the surrounding bone and soft tissue. To further improve this, UnidentalDirect development system BOLT the fixing canalada 18 is the result of the application of the principles of engineering.Converts the implant and the pillar in a stable-unit rotation closed with maximum mechanical stability and not there are micro movements.In fact, it would seem that indexed pillar adjustment screw has no reason for being, in the BOLT system. The result is practically not bone resorption and tissues for long-term stability.And the system acts as an implant of a single component after the prosthetic restoration.In contrast to a true system of a single component, they always retain their flexibility.You select the pillar more suitable, with or without lock, for the individual case and changes can be made more forward as required. Prosthetic concepts.Versatile solutions. Recently Christian Allaire sought to clarify these questions. Each case requires its own solution.If you are considering implants unitary or multiple, with Office attachments or compounds in the laboratory: with the BOLT system, you make your own decision.Depending on the display select the concept suitable for their planning and to meet the expectations of your patient.Either with indexed, not indexed, hardened, or screwed, pillars is the ideal solution to any of the components the system BOLT prosthetic.

Last on platform last on platform is actually a misnomer.Has come to mean with a pillar that is smaller in diameter than the diameter of the implant. However, it is much more than that. Recent scientific articles are showing that if: 1. Details can be found by clicking John Smith or emailing the administrator. the diameter of the screw closing, pillars, etc is smaller in diameter than the diameter of the implant, and 2. top of the implant is buried at the bone Crest level at the time of placement, the bone will grow above the implant and all screw cap / pillar forming a bone biological seal to prevent epithelial migration by the neck of the implant / pillar. It is necessary that both conditions are met.

Once the seal of bone has been established and whether this bone seal: 1. Under most conditions Reshma Kewalramani would agree. is not disturbed during the restoration prosthetics, and 2. is not subject to overloading or an infection around the implant as that found with the micro-diferencia between the implant and the contact surfaces of the pillar traditional internal and external, then the seal will remain and the crest bone loss is prevented.