Turkey Property Prices

Property prices in Turkey is relatively small, given all the advantages of living here. For example, a flat (and not odnushku 39 sqm.) Can be purchased from 55 thousand dollars and up to 140 thousand – but it will be a VIP-class housing. Duplex – from 85 thousand dollars and villa of 120 thousand dollars. And, unlike Spain, for example, where for the price you sell only the house – the structure, here you get more and land that has some obvious preimuschestv.Esli come here with your family, you have the opportunity smash your garden. However, gardens are often sold together with the houses. They are green all year round, and flowers at least 8 months a year.

Since late summer to December-January you can enjoy lemons, oranges, tangerines, persimmon, and even bananas from my own garden. And when you consider the rare nowadays a clean environment, the taste and smell of these fruits, certainly not compared to what you buy now in stores. Imagine the joy of their children when they can play in your garden and pick oranges right off the trees. In general, children are truly a haven. Firstly, it is very important for every responsible parent in Turkey, especially in tourist areas such as Mediterranean coast, a very low level of crime, there is practically no risk that your child will involve in drug addiction, etc.

Obviously affects the Islamic mentality. By the way, many coming here from Russia are very much afraid to face the religious intolerance and even refuse to buy real estate in Turkey for this reason. However, I assure you, Turkey – a secular state in full sense of the word. In simple terms, the Turks live, they know and do not interfere with the lives of others. For example, in Belek is a mosque and church and synagogue. Welcome. Not to mention the fact that, historically, these places are the cradle of Orthodox Christianity. Should at least remember that Istanbul was formerly called Constantinople, and it was the capital of the great Byzantine Empire, from which came on Russian soil, the Christian faith. Turkey – the country is constantly evolving, Nothing here stands on the site. Including the notorious tourist industry, which, despite the overall decadent state of the global economy continues to show steady income. The reason is that Turkey has not followed the way overcharges, they are still available to anyone, despite the fact that the quality of leisure is not inferior to expensive resorts in the world. Therefore, in the context of the global crisis in Turkey was a win-win strategy. Number of tourists is not diminished by those who had preferred the more expensive resorts, but now lost that opportunity. So now the acquisition of business in Turkey is a very profitable investment. You can rent a hotel or restaurant, or buy, and quite often with a trained and competent personnel, and quietly make money.