The Word

Make one feel cool to sit in a shadow, is not the effect of the shadow in one. It is rather the non-use of hot things to one. Fresco is that it belongs to the water, but not to a shadow (because if one sits in the shadow of a hot stone, does not feel any cool at all). Itself, its reflection and intellect are comparable to the face, its reflection and mirror. The unreality of the reflection is known for the Scriptures and reasoning.

The transmigratoria condition is only an illusion due to non-discrimination (between the self and the same No-si). It has an (apparent) existence due to the actual existence of itself without-change, and, therefore, seems to belong to him. Just as a snake seen erroneously in a rope, although it is an unreal snake, has an existence due to the existence of the rope, until the discrimination between the (real) string and the Serpent (unreal) takes place, so also, transmigratoria condition, although it is unreal, possesses a phenomenal existence due to the actual existence of itself without change. Some say that the self, to which belongs the reflection, although changing due to modifications of the mind belonging to it, such as ‘I am happy’, ‘I am miserable,’ etc., and although experimenter transmigratoria condition, is eternal. .

The meaning of the verbal suffix is a reflection of itself in the intellect, and the root denotes an action, i.e., a modification of the intellect. When the intellect and reflex are not discriminated of self, the word know is falsely applied to him. The intellect does not have no awareness and self does not have any action. Therefore, the Word knows cannot be applied to any of them. Similarly, the word ‘knowledge’ in the sense of knowing, action cannot be applied to itself.