The Wine Is Elegant

We know that besides being a delicious alcoholic beverage wine is luxury and elegance but we’ve never taken time to think about the why, right? There are many curiosities of the wine and this article is intended to let you know a very basic information about the wine. The wine is obtained through the fermentation of its juice and occurs creating a metabolic action of yeasts, which make the sugars in the grape and the gas are transformed in the form of carbon dioxide. The grape not only goes through a process, is the result of mixture between climate, latitude, altitude, hours of light and some other factors. You have data that the wine was born during the Neolithic according to testimonies have been collected in the Zagros Mountains, where present-day Georgia, Armenia and Iran. But why the wine is elegant? According to research throughout history, wine has been very well accepted by the elite, so the wine has been present at many important historical moments such as agreements, banquets and others. Many now have the custom of serving wine on special or important occasions, following the Neolithic tradition..