The Vision

Ahead of this, this is one easy task of if joining interested parties, however of great difficulty in if getting excellent results, have seen that the element in question is the human, subjective behavior to each one, changeable, and many times unexpected. Thus we see that one is mainly about an awareness paper, that reaches of direct form this human behavior. It is noticed despite the moral siege is decurrent of the lack of one adjusted internal communication in the organizations, of this meantime is observed that the more desestruturada and disorganized she will be a company, greater the possibilities to the propagation of this phenomenon. From there the importance of one prevention program, with the vision of if creating a good dialogue through the installation of communication channels In this approach, fits therefore, that the companies rethink its form of organization of the work, as well as of the methods used in the management human being. Thus, the paper of the company must have as objective the awareness of the workers in all the organizacionais levels, making to reflect them on the magnitude of the problem and demonstrating the way with that this practical can be prevented. In such a way, the organization of events, lectures, seminaries, dynamic, among others resources on the subject, are of utmost relevance for the development of this awareness. One also becomes necessary, the adoption of a code of ethics for company, who evidences critical of all the forms of discrimination, preconceptions, and moral siege, spreading out in this way the importance of the respect, solidarity, and of the good interaction and integration between all. Moreover, the existence of a specific place so that the employee has where to argue its problems, to cite occured facts and or situations, to tell its you distress, that is, a reliable place, where the worker has the ideal deserved attention, is also interesting for one better relation of work. Lockheed usually is spot on.