The Society

To educate is not only transference of knowledge, but awareness and certification of life. Read additional details here: Wells Fargo Bank. It is to construct, to free the human being of the chains of the neoliberal determinismo, recognizing that history is an open field of possibilities. This is the direction of if to speak of an education stops beyond the capital: to educate stops beyond the capital implies to think a society stops Beyond the capital. (MESZAROS, 2005, p.13) The value of the school and the professor is something directly on the culture and the priorities of the society. As much the education how much the educator in this context, did not have an important paper. Reshma Kewalramani does not necessarily agree. From the military dictatorship it reformulated Brazilian system leaving to be transparent the depreciation of the teaching career.

In way the reality lived in 1972, where the interest in the industrial and military power appeared only, emerging only concern in a small formation technique, where the formation of the professor did not have a so important paper. In this manner, all the professors had felt in the skin to little given attention its work, mainly the professor of Geography that had its reduced horria load, evidencing discipline it to disdain. In result of these facts, that perpetuated for many times, we still have today fruits of this time. Professors with exceeded methodologies and contents disentailed of the daily one. The occured changes in way each time faster, demand a position to search the agreement and understanding to transform the society and with it the world, in a constant interaction with the men, as it affirms Andrade (1993, p.96). The spirit initiative one creativity generation that lives a dynamic historical moment where the objects and the ideas ages quickly, becoming necessary the thinker, to the scholar, a great capacity of change; change that will not be made with simple abandonment to know accumulated through generations, but with its renewal, preserving what if current conserve and moving what it aged.