The Single Magazine – A Must For Every Single

Short, crisp columns – request that everyone, but still has not spoken of it. In the new online magazine “the single magazine” are all the topics in question provided by the author Bjorn Holste and treated, which turns a modern single today. No matter whether man, woman, straight or gay, a column for each of the searches or has found. Bjorn Holste, Publisher of the single magazine “which appears in the online portal”PEO – Publish Everything Online”, deals with all topics in his magazine and questions, which is today a modern single. Often thought, but never spoke out. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Michael Bloomberg has to say. Who is Mr.

or Ms. Right? There is a lid for every pot? Is about an illusion or real life? Where begins the everyday life and how do I get out there? Stories, thoughts and experiences from real life. How to think singles what’s going on in them? The thoughts and hopes, questions and desires of singles are named in the short, crisp and to the point columns. An excerpt from the column to the topic hardly he is there, it’s wrong everyday life”: when I rang at his door a man in underpants I’m not worth it, that one is pants attracts or quicker it then afterwards? “Why no longer is he me the door and I run like a discarded wobbling sausage dog” after him the everyday life. “” We no longer estimate once we have something really the value, we sit back and think beautiful as is, it stays that way “, I have nothing more to do and can chill me drinking beer in the Chair and watch sports show.” Each reader has the possibility to review the text and to send a message to the author. No matter whether man or woman – an often funny bizarre food for thought for anyone looking for and found.