The Muscles

Through this kind of relaxation we seek to control the different muscle groups while avoiding the stress of the situation so that we can react appropriately and unlock the muscles that tend to contractures. The technique we are now going to present is based on progressive muscle relaxation. When you begin to practice it might feel you do not get enough chill, it's normal. To master this technique you should spend every day between ten and fifteen minutes in the morning and evening until you master the procedure. The results I assure you that you will more than compensate. e. Let's start. And this requires not feel that any article of clothing or object you press.

A belt, shoes, bras, even the clock tie or a ring. If you feel that something desabrochalo press or take it off. It is also important to choose a time of day when you know you will not be interrupted, so you can toss in an area not too hard with a small pillow. You have to kick you with his legs outstretched and slightly apart, arms along the body with palms down. Another option is to relax in a comfortable chair or even the office swivel chair. You assume that it is best practice not to practice. Do not let laziness beat you, you must be consistent to get results. The first step consists of a series of slow, deep breaths as described in the previous section while you feel your body is weighing more and more.