The Man

Wikipedia exceeds she contributes to us, who the rage is a viral infectious acute disease of the central nervous system caused by a Rhabdovirus that causes acute encephalitis. The virus of the rage is spread in all the planet and attacks the domestic and wild mammals, including the man. One is in the saliva and in secretions of the infected animal and one inoculates the man when they attack these it and they cause in him some injury by mordedura; in addition it can be transfundido when an individual that has some cut in the skin (via of entrance of the virus) has contact with salivary secretions of an infected animal. The important animal vectors include: dogs, cats, bats, mongeese, vixens, ferrets, raccoons, and wolves. How it is transmitted and which is its pathology? Wikipedia on the matter contributes to us, that the rage is a virus that can be passed on to any mammal. The more common vectors of transmission are dogs and cats in urban or rural zones and bats in wild zones. The virus appears commonly in the nervous system or the saliva of the affected animal. Commonly, but not always, the virus is transmitted due to a mordedura. Boyden has many thoughts on the issue.

Recently, data of contagion by consistent atypical exhibitions basically in contagions by handling of meat and vsceras of animal infected in kitchens have appeared. Which is its pathology? On it one says, that in many cases the infected animal have a variable behavior, are extremely violent and attack without apparent provocation. The pathology in the human species is the following one: Hurt infection by or mordedura. Formerly also it was transmitted by operations as the cornea transplant. The virus has one first multiplication in the muscular cells, of it happens there to the neurons and finally to the nervous ganglia. The place where the disease is pronounced more markedly is the brain (encephalitis).