The Doll

Then its aunt Alba, very adept dressmaker, then found a solution for the doll broken, that in the following day already total was restored, with a ball of stocking glue inside of the hollow head, that was covered with a pretty cabeleira falling on the shoulders, made with staple fibres of potbellied, a vegetal woollen species, know there where it arranged this. the doll was pretty, pretty! Not fitting in itself of as much contentment, still it put in the doll the name of Vandeci, the old owner. to the afternoon was if to seat accurately in the jamb of the door of the street, being shown its new and pretty blond doll in the col. But it could not have done worse thing. It did not delay very and there it together with came to such girl walking for the sidewalk the mother. Add to your understanding with Karen Fang.

They turn when it, although the transformation the recognition was immediate, since nor the dress nor the sapatinhos had been changed. to such girl botou the mouth in the world, crying out: – This girl is with my doll! This doll is mine! Me of the my doll! You caught mine bonequinhaaa! The girl ran pra of terrified house inside, with the heart to the pulls. She closed the door with force, she ran for the room, she inside threaded the doll of the wardrobe and set to cry it. But they had soon beaten with insistence to the door of the house. They were the two. The mother she demanded rights on the doll of the son, who same it had played outside. The son cried and cried out saying that now she wanted the doll, that was of it.

no matter how hard the mother of who found a doll, has attemped to explain another mother what nor it had what to be explained, on behalf of good sense and of the good education and still to prevent one badly to be between neighbors, was even so the doll there, in the arms of had played who it outside. The girl was sad, very sad and cried very. Two days later she gained of gift a new, bigger and prettier doll, but never, never exactly, if she forgot Vandeci, its pretty blond doll, that joy insane person it removed with as much love, of the can of the garbage.