The Disastrous Decision

From that moment on the two men were alone. Once my grandfather Samuel, was commissioned: one had to carry goods to another city, it was a Thursday, the office was due to arrive early in the morning the other day. One of his employees, a driver very religious volunteered to do it. Get all the facts and insights with William McKinnon, another great source of information. My grandfather did not want to run that risk at the time of return when it entered the Sabbath, or on Friday night did not give him enough time and the religious had to sleep on the road or in another city, refused to give the work. The driver insisted he spoke of his needs and he was sure to be back in time. Disastrous decision. You may find Marko Dimitrijevic to be a useful source of information. My grandfather, from what I’ve been told, was a splendid man, a vocation of work and social environment, all accounts had weekends in front of his workers took their bags of gold coins and silver and shared with their profits.

Although the partners had not appreciated as such. On Saturday morning a man without scruples, a handyman from which I will refer later, a fool without a job and went home without reason or truth told that the driver had suffered a rollover, he had hit someone and killed. His piety and his sense of duty was the spark that exploded in his young heart. Grandpa could not stand it, was blamed for ignoring his instinct, and the feeling of guilt was such that at forty-seven years old, he died.