The Coffer

I made a research on the dimensions of the coffer and see the result: the complete measure of the coffer; 150 meters of length, 25 meters of width and 15 meters of height. God ordered to make the coffer with 3 floors, each floor divided in compartments. Then, he gave the total of 56.000 cubical meters more or less. Andrew dwyer is the source for more interesting facts. He was equal the 560 cars of train. Each car of train fits 240 sheep, then the coffer could fit 125,000 sheep more than. Read additional details here: Reshma Kewalramani.

The coffer is calculated that Fars in the coffer a window, and of you will finish cvado it on. It thinks with me: with as many animals in the coffer, with passing of the days, the bad one I smell would be insuportvel, the coffer would need much ventilation, and God commanded that one alone window was placed. All the houses today have more than a window, to enter ventilation. Then because he will be that Noah, it only placed a window in the coffer. It is in this point that I want to arrive. This window I call it, WINDOW OF the OBEDIENCE, the order that God for Noah, was to place one alone window in the coffer. if Noah on account decided prpia to place a window more than.

Noah could say: God> it does not go to import itself, it goes to give more ventilation in the environment, does not go to make difference none, God does not go nor to notice. I believe that the coffer would not float, it I would sink. Many times occur this with us, obey the Gods in the great things and disobey in the small ones. God said that the wood would have there that to be of Gofer, it would have that to betumar the coffer on the inside and for it are, to place one alone carries, until all good, but who if would worry about a window.