Definitely, Wolf needs to learn that lesson to achieve real Ventura. Attention: the Wolf is not vegetarian! Hence Jesus commands us as sheep in the midst of wolves, not to be devoured or to believe that wolves are vegetarian, but to illuminate them with the ecumenically solidarity doctrine of Christ; never to assimilate their bad costumbres.* * Appendix headdress in my heart for the congratulations concerning the course of my 65 th birthday, occurred on 2 March 2006, the same day I went to listeners of the RBV Super, thanking the demonstrations of affection. On that occasion, I went back to do some considerations on the passage in the Gospel of the heavenly friend, according to Luke, Chapter 10, which I’m looking with you. I think that it is useful to bring them, with the objective of collaborating to clarify this issue, apparently intriguing, that Jesus invites us to have a timid lamb in front of ferocious wolves behavior: end example of courage () when the good Shepherd us send as sheep in the midst of wolves, it means that he sends us with heart full of his doctrine, his wisdom, his love, of his courage to transform human beings not in a camp of cowards, as they think some about Christianity. It is not for preaching the Gospel and the revelation of the Christ of God we must be fools, or using a popular terminology, bobos. No! I speak to women and men in full character, able to understand those modest lessons. Jesus gave us the extreme example of courage: plopped up in Golgotha so that, with his divine light, could rise from the ashes of our spiritual ignorance. In truth, son Thaumaturgus leads those sheep that, knowing or not, do to deserve his new commandment lighting * 8 in the midst of wolves that roam the world, lost in the shredder disturbance calls, so they (wolves) know how to survive to the dramas of life and become better people, excellent citizens, so that they no longer suffer and to suffer.