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10 Worms more Internet hazardous let’s make a brief overview of these small animals that sometimes have gotten into our computers and we have been attacked without any consideration. The first computer Internet worm that drew the attention of security and media firms was born on November 2, 1988 and was baptized as Morris (by the name of its creator, Robert Tappan Morris). Such was its damaging power, which had the ability to put computers slow to the point of leaving them unusable. However, developments that have had the worms in his more than 20 years of existence is increasingly effective in the network. Today they are one of the families of malware that is transmitted with greater force on the Internet, and last year, for example, Taterf and Frethog were two families of malicious software that most were detected by its ability to intercept passwords from popular online video games and transmit them to the attackers. On this basis, Microsoft shared a list of the most dangerous worms currently circulating on the Internet and which can give headaches to more than one user: 1.Conflicker: is one of the threats which, according to some security firms, will give what to talk about with greater intensity in the coming months.

This worm devours personal information of users, seeks to attack those who are most vulnerable in terms of security on the network and delivery keys of the mails to identity spoofing accomplices. 2.Taterf: among the main characteristics of this worm is its capacity of harassment users, especially when conducting electronic transactions. In addition, it has the power to intercept passwords for easy deduction. For example, when a user uses your computer to access the Internet and perform banking transactions, currently the software captures and sends the information to the offender while the victim realizes. It is important for customers to perform their financial transactions from computers that have up-to-date protection measures such as antivirus, antispyware, personal firewall and security patches, to avoid malicious who finish capturing your users installing software and keys.

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