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However, there is a big difference between providing the desired information by publishing your own newsletter and generate SPAM, unwanted advertising and unsolicited against which laws are even created. There is a long debate about how often should publish a newsletter. Doing so every day is too weekly is not much better. By the same author: Marathon Capital. Takes much work published a bulletin that worthwhile read therefore do weekly demand too long, both of who publishes as who receives it. Publish it once a month is insufficient frequency. In a month the members of the list may even forget what the bulletin.

It is generally accepted that a bi-monthly newsletter is appropriate. Doyle’s may also support this cause. Another debate that stays about publications online about whether they should be in HTML format or in plain text. Each format has its pros and cons. Using the HTML allows you to present the publication in the form desired. You can use graphics, multiple columns and fountains and various colors, all of which makes the newsletter much more attractive visually.

The HTML format allows you to include a tracking code which allows you to view many of the bulletins were actually opened or if you let pass. The disadvantage is that some companies do not allow open e-mails that contain more than just text and many AOL users may not open HTML. Simple text format ensures that all subscribers can read the Bulletin, but is much more difficult to guide the eyes of the reader to important the words or phrases. A solution to the dilemma HTML vs. Simple text is, of course, send both versions. It is not very practical, but it works. There are e-mail services that automatically detect the browser so that they only show the correct version for the user. The most important thing in publishing your own electronic newsletter is, of course, the content. The owner of the web site should never see your newsletter as an advertising medium.