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None of the sphere of human life is not free from konfliktov.Konflikt – this collision, serious disagreements, during which the person oburevayut unpleasant feelings or perezhivaniya.V conflict situation there is always at least two ways, two ways of conduct and one of them or both may be acceptable (and unacceptable). Conflicts are indestructible, they appear under any circumstances to accompany us from birth until death. Conflicts are external (conflict with others) and internal (the conflict with itself). Connect with other leaders such as gender equality here. In internal conflicts, external opponent net.Odnako it does not mean that internal conflicts – a trifle, or that they are not important to adoption resheniya.Vnutrennie conflicts define our system of values, often verdict 'true' or 'wrong' is the result of internal conflicts konflikta.Eti – the basis of ethics and morali.Esli the people in those or innyh situations did not feel an internal conflict, they never would have thought about the issues nravstvennosti.Ponyatiyu 'internal conflict' is very close to the concept of 'conscience'. Why do we even try to resolve conflicts that now and then break out at home, at school, university, at work – everywhere? Not to mention the fact that most people no pleasure in conflict do not deliver, modern medical researchers say harmful effects of stress, cause most of which is konflikt.Ulazhivat conflicts – is to solve human problemy.Uladit conflict means almost certainly save vzaimootnosheniya.Esli it were not so, people are not trying to settle konflikty.Pri disputes and quarrels every family and relationships in it can be preserved, to give a crack or raspatsyNo people want to help each other and maintain vzaimootnosheniya.Eto desire persists even when appeared differences cause conflict. .